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Hundred-Handers is a new rebel group actively subverting the reach of Globohomo through the use of COPROP guerrilla tactics.

I’ll leave it to J.R. to explain the purpose and means of the Hundred-Handers.

Hundred-Handers is about trying to make IRL pro-white flyering as easy as possible using small simple stickers

seems to be trying to extend the IOTBW [ed: It’s Ok To Be White] campaign with simple standardized stickers and giving ppl very simple instructions, get this printer, these stickers, just carry them with you and when you’re alone somewhere, slap one on something

interesting idea

so you buy an $80 label printer and then you get a set of pro-white stickers in your (anonymous) email 2x a month

print ’em up, keep some in your pocket, and when you’re out and about and nobody is looking, slap ’em on places in public

it’s a very simple idea

just simple stickers to get ppl thinking


Great tag line.

These Hundred-Hander guys are on the right track. Guerrilla warfare. Invade the safe spaces of shitlibs, don’t let them think any public square in America is theirs to own. (Reminder: most shitlibs are transplants, so their claims to the public squares of their adopted cities are tenuous.) Get under their skins but leave them no easy target to harass, jump, intimidate, or dox.

From their social media faq:

Their calling cards:

Powerful relief, indeed.

This one is my favorite:

It’s so subtle yet the message will not be lost, particularly on snowflakes who are already hypersensitive to anything remotely resembling pro-White advocacy.

PS Audacious E* has a great post on that travesty of justice which just occurred in the James Fields trial and sentencing.

Fields’ sentencing was humiliation propaganda, meant to scare future white men from publicly and proudly identifying with their racial heritage.

It always has the opposite of the intended effect.

*FYI Audacious Epigone has moved over to Unz. A smart move, because blogspot is a Goolag operation, which means AE’s deplatforming from there was just a matter of when, not if. No dissident voices are tolerated in the new, super tolerant Post-America.

PPS According to the info in this screenshot, at 4′ 11″ and 330 lbs, HH’s BMI was precisely 66.6
The number of the beast.


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