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A vasectomy is the equivalent of an alphaectomy because it communicates in no uncertain terms that the man snipping out the channel of his life force has no intention of ever leaving his current termagant to trade up to a hotter, tighter, younger woman who might inspire him to load her belly up with heirs.

The vasectomy is therefore the surgical inverse of Dread Game: it’s Indebted Game. It tells your girl that you’re hers forever, she will never have reason to feel anxious about you leaving her for another woman, and that if she were to leave you it would be a graver blow to your dignity and fortunes because you’d be stuck having to find another woman willing to accept your fizzless jizz. And usually the women willing to agree to that deal are older, low sexual market value women who can’t have any (more) kids themselves. So your lady gets to walk off into the sunset with her options relatively unrestricted compared to your options, beaming as she no doubt will be knowing that it would be difficult for you, Beta, Esq., to find a better looking and hotter woman than herself….in your emasculated condition.

The vasectomy would leave the man victim to the vicissitudes of his girl’s hypergamous tingles. It would render him defenseless, psychologically and seminally. Instead of his girl delightfully dreading his allure to other women and putting in the effort to keep him entertained, she will insightfully appraise his allure as the groinvoid it is and put in zero effort to contain the God-given peripatetic masculinity that he surrendered to the butcher’s scalpel.

Maybe that demonstrated devotion sounds romantic to you, but as regular readers of Le Chateau know, it plays out quite differently in women’s hamster cages, where abjectly domesticated men tied by a whoredeon knot to their women from lack of options on the free sexual market are irretrievably less sexy to those women. Over time, that de-amplification of the sexual polarity will erode the woman’s love and jump start her concubine protocol.

In sum, it pays a man to have his plumbing in working order so his main dame always knows he has the arsenal at the ready to seed the earth with the help of another woman’s welcoming womb. Even if his current girl expressed no interest in having children, the thought alone of her man’s romantic freedom will electrify her hamster-vagina axis of tingle and awaken her suppressed femininity to the job of doting on him exclusively so his wanderlust stays focused on her.


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