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Ralph Stanley walks away with this week’s COTW:

These “social trend” clickbait articles love to pretend they are somehow “shedding light” on some unknown truth about female sexuality — as if the muslim world hadn’t been covering up their women for hundreds of years. For chrissakes, they literally force their women to wear blankets (with a small slit so they can at least see where they’re going).

You think they don’t know the score already?

By the way, speaking of photos, look up the image of the subject of this piece (and the author of “Untrue”), Wednesday Martin. Her face is Exhibit A for the modern heroine of the magazine world: liberated, over-medicated, over-penetrated, over-educated.





The coldest truths are poetry.

Like bare branches set against a slate gray winter sky.

Your modren heroine:

Note the manjaw, receding hairline, concorde-tipped nose, and thousand cock stare.

Verdict: too much T.

To her credit (and to our nation’s discredit), she did manage to have kids (sons and daughters), who will no doubt grow up to be basket-case sluts and wilting soyboys….or tradwives and amoral PUAs if they read this blog and revolt against their schlockmom. Her second beta provider is named Moser, which answers the question of what sort of man would willingly wife up this succubus.

From a Gabber,

You need to familiarize yourself with the author of the book being pushed here. Her name is Dr. Wednesday Martin, and you’ll see more from her in the future. Her shtick seems to be “married women need to be poly whores to be happy”. She was the one pushing the “skirt clubs” in the press last year (i.e. married women going to lesbian orgies).

What’s important… and DANGEROUS about her, is that she has the ear of the upper crust in New York, the people that run things. Their wives hang on her every word. And her latest book is about how women are these ravenous sexual beasts and, sorry men, one of you just isn’t enough.

If the elite actually take her message to heart, that might not be a bad thing. To date, it’s been more of “listen to what I say, don’t watch what I do, proles” from the elite, but if they start drinking their own cunt-aid and destroy themselves, who am I to counsel otherwise?


PS Our culture is fast becoming a playground for tyrants and despots. A Virginia teacher was fired for refusing to parrot Newspeak.




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