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Macron is deploying what looks like EU tanks to crush this working class uprising against open borders neoliberalism. pic.twitter.com/POLhmKElwR

— Will Westcott (@westland_will) December 8, 2018

I would say this is BAD OPTICS, but bad optics only matter when an objective media will amplify them, which the internationalist-occupied media won’t do.

So EU APCs (practically speaking, tanks minus the large gun turret) are free to crush a grass-roots, native son revolution while the media works overtime to conceal the awful optics from normies.

What’s gonna happen when there’s no longer a distinction between normies and yellow vests? What will happen when the yellow-vested ARE the normies?


PS The yellow vest rebellions sweeping France are not only about a regressive gas tax. They are a howl from native Frenchmen who are sick and tired of their country turning into a third world dump by the actions of rapacious globalists.


Morocco World News has more honest stories about the French Yellow Vest demonstrations than most Western media outlets. That should probably alarm us a bit.

Western Fake News has so thoroughly discredited itself that backwater news organizations from pre-civilized countries provide more trustworthy news.


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