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Carlson/Kobach 2024

Or, if things go badly for Trump over the next two years, Carlson/Kobach 2020.

Future POTUS and cabinet pic.twitter.com/IQqYYpSZKA

— Bronze Age Chad (@BronzeAgeChad) December 8, 2018

Tucker Carlson, like the rest of us, is frustrated with the pace of MAGA.

He blames Trump.

I blame the system.

Tucker doesn’t seem to grasp the bind Trump is in. Imagine every day you had to deal with innuendo of impending indictments of your family members. And two parties which hate you. Judges which thwart you. And even your “allies” balk at your style.

Every step of the way, the goal of the establishment has been to hobble Trump, to prevent him from keeping his campaign promises, and to cripple his ability to get even minor executive orders past a black robed terrorist.
Trump isn’t capable?
But an honest man would admit Trump’s enemies have made sure he doesn’t get the chance to prove his worth.

From Heather,

I agree with you.

But hear me out on a little speculation… Everyone knows Trump watches Tucker. Could this be Tucker’s way of cutting through the awful advisers and telling Trump directly that if he doesn’t get the wall going, he’s toast? Lord knows if he met with him or called him everyone would know about it.

What do you think?

No doubt this is in the back of Carlson’s mind, and may even be at the forefront of his mind. Tucker, then, would essentially be playing the role Ann Coulter plays for Trump on Twatter and in her articles: a voice from MAGAland echoing out over the Fake Din of Globohomo and past the cosmopolitan filters of Javanka.

I will never be a demoralization propagandist for the other side. However little of his original MAGA agenda Trump accomplishes, or however much zogcock he fluffs, his election is still a victory for bloodnsoil. Our situation would be A LOT WORSE had thecunt won. Keep your perspective, black pillers. There will be a time to give up on change from within the machine. That time is not yet here.

Check out photos of Trump at Elder Bush’s FUNeral. None of the other ex-presidents made eye contact with him. The discomfort was palpable.

A line-up of D and R former presidents and their families, swallowed whole and then belched out as missionaries for Globohomo, didn’t chum around with Trump. It’s proof (as if it was needed) that Trump legitimately is outside the Washington establishment and he was elected to take a giant steaming turd on the Uniparty’s legacy.

He forgets this at his, and our nation’s, peril. If he won’t accept the mantle of anti-establishment revolutionary, then we’ll find someone who will eagerly take up the banner…and the broad sword.


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