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Our Revolting Elite

The most dispiriting aspect of modrenity is how revoltingly ugly and psychologically weak our putative “elites” are. We’ve pulled back the curtain expecting to see a worthy enemy….and we get matt yglesias, brian stelter, peter strzok, lisa page, james comey, harvey weinstein ad infinitum.

That’s more humiliating than anything else, to know that all this time we have vested power in an archipelago of misfit freaks.


Imagine this fucking goblina brainlet telling you that a famous historical figure who fought for your independence was just some “angry white guy”.

We need a reconquista of the Western world to drive out all foreigners at the point of the sword

She’s gumming up the works.

The above creature is just one monster belched forth by Globohomo to demoralize Sexually Dimorphic America. There are many more like her, all of them gumming up the works with their uselessness, malice, pettiness, and lies.

From readers,

Our enemies are NOT extraordinary in any way.   They are not “elite” in any meaningful sense.  It should be understood that they CAN be defeated.


freaks are reliable employees, they’ll shaft customers with a smile and suck corporate cock with full enthusiasm because they know they don’t fit anywhere else.


Degenerates are easy to blackmail

Our revolting elites are no one to fear, to envy, or to bow and scrape before. We have exposed them for the grotesqueries they are, stripped them of their mystique, and mocked the idea that they can instill any kind of deference. Yea, by their phyzzes and passive-aggression ye shall know them: pathetic creatures of the sewerworld, fit only for ridicule and disgust.


Modrenity is a deliberate misspelling, meant to evoke the requisite dystopian connotation that the word now carries.


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