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Kids standing on side of the road in California holding an American flag as President Trump’s motorcade drives through Chico, Ca.

This is an instantly iconic photo, imo. Fires ravage central California, where remnants of Heritage America live, a White family breathing through face masks stands roadside to greet the only champion they’ve had in their lives, the American flag is held aloft but has descended a bit down its staff, and they are huddled for warmth as father proudly takes a photo of Trump’s motorcade.

I wonder if Trump realizes his significance as a vessel for Real America’s aspirations and longings, and if that realization is enough to remind him what he promised “the forgotten Americans”? If he truly grasped his meaning to blood and soil Americans, would he be stronger against the undertow of cucks and globalists pulling him back into the neoliberalism slipstream? He has no friends in the Capital. His true friends stumble over scorched earth, wheezing through hospital masks darkened by soot, to welcome the promise of him.

He should learn this if he hasn’t already, and know that negotiating toward a middle ground and making friends of Globohomo scum is not his way forward. The way forward for him is gripping the hilt of a sword and driving the enemies of Heritage America off the battlefield.


On a lighter note, Mark Cuckersperg really does have the eyes of a reptile.


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