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Thucydides was describing today’s Democortez Party, and the partisan animosities that are driving us toward another civil war.

“thoughtless act of aggression now a mark of courage” = “punch a nazi”, excuse pantifa political terrorism.

“thinking of the future is cowardly” = electing a new people

“moderation disguises unmanly character” = MeToo sex panic

“plot against an enemy behind his back is self-defense” = Kavanaugh show trial

“family relations were a weaker tie than party membership” = shitliberalism

“these parties felt confidence in each other…because they were partners in crime” = Deep State

To better understand our present, we need to return to the Great Men of the past. They had the wisdom we lack today.

*da GBFM sheds a lone tear*

Similarly, I like to feature great womanizers and philosophers from the past, because they too had wisdom on matters of women and sex that our modren soyboys woefully lack.

Why do modrens lack the wisdom of their forebears? Maybe we have gotten stupider. Maybe less masculine and therefore more gullible as women are of passing fads in thought. Maybe we are less trusting of each other, and therefore more suspicious of wisdom that doesn’t come from ourselves.

Maybe we have been victimized by decades of anti-ancestors agitprop by perfidious forces seeking to undermine our venerated shared history and sever our family and social bonds to their personal advantage.

Whatever the cause, the solution is clear: read the warnings from the Great Men of our glorious heritage, and heed them as if our lives depended on it.


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