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From Callmelennie, a hilarious glimpse at the misunderstandings and umbrage which occur when racially distinct dating markets commingle:

RE: True Racism in Online Dating

Engaged a woman on a senior online dating site (cause that’s the stage I’m at). We started in on a good conversation. At about ten minutes in, she texted, “Well I have to hand it to you; it’s been ten minutes and you have yet to say — Hey Momma, I’d love to put a dick in your face.”

This to a woman who was 61 with two adult children, one of whom was 40 years old .. who had also lost a daughter in a car accident. And I responded, “Who’s saying this sort of thing …. as if I dont know” And she texted “LOL, how do you know?”

And I came back, “Well, I decided to check out my competition and I couldn’t help but notice (looking over both shoulders) a large grouping of melanin enriched gentlemen of a Sub-Saharan heritage on this site.” Turned out that every contact initiated by a bro started out exactly like that, and that she had been obliged to block hundreds of said individuals.

Zero Standards, Zero Charm, Zero Self-Awareness: there’s your MUH DIK.

Sadly, the ZERO BRO pickup method works a little too often on the thicker-filled of our sisters to write it off as a dickless threat. The good news is that, really, only black women think it’s the pinnacle of flirtatious charm.

Would it be correct to call ZERO BRO the epitome of beta male thirst?

The script sure reads like Thirst, The Trilogy.

  • hitting on old women
  • lunkheaded sexual solicitations
  • hundreds of come-ons

But what distinguishes purpa thirst from what we conventionally know as beta male thirst is the general lack of romantic sincerity.

Beta male thirst is a stain on the northern races of man. These are the pedestal polishers who throw themselves at the ASCII feet of HB6s, lavishing them with likes, compliments and offers of asexual cuddles. Beta male thirst also clings to a vestige of mate selection standards, and for that reason you will rarely see grandmas get slobbered over by Eurasian betas. Not even the desperate omega euros will sink to Emmanuel Macron’s level.

Purpa thirst is wild, chaotic, brutally sexual, nondiscriminatory, and devoid of subterfuge. It is the shotgun approach to courtship that uses stink pellets of which few women but the most desperate welcome the musk. Superficially, the two thirst types share traits — the shameless begging, the NPC flattery, the anti-Game — but the divergence is noticeable by how quickly purpa thirst abandons its uncooperative targets and by the stark difference in declared sexual intent.

That last reason alone is probably why purpa thirst manages to eke out a rare victory where beta male thirst always ends in a sad fap. There are a non-trivial number of women who will misinterpret brute force sexual come-ons as male dominance, and submit accordingly.


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