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Dynamic Silence

Hat tip to Greg Eliot (and bolg) for alerting the commentariat of this piece of historical evidence that [the best people in the world] have had a knack for shutting down dissident viewpoints for a long while.

from metapedia:

Dynamic Silence was invented by Rabbi Feinberg of the American Jewish Committee in 1947 as a method of closing off all access to the public media – and thus the larger culture – for people or organizations deemed to have an unacceptable point of view. In spite of minor changes and adaptations, it can still be understood as being comprised of two parts. In the first part, unfavored individuals are denied unmediated exposure to the public. In the second part, only negative aspects of the unfavored individuals are reported. This starts a downward spiral of de-legitimization in the public eye in which the harder unfavored individuals try to get public exposure, the more negative and unflattering that exposure becomes until, finally, nobody wants to be associated with the ideas of beliefs of the unfavored individuals.

That’s some Final Boss level sy ops right there. Now you know what the Rebel Alliance is up against: a Council of Sid Lords mindfucking Jedi Whites into abject submission to the Empire’s goal of supreme galactic rule.

One has to say, it has worked quite well….until recently. (Convergence to alien norms is what you get for entrusting your revered institutions to an outsider tribe with a 10-15 point mean IQ advantage.) The unraveling of the Dynamic Silence Protocols has provoked blasts of bilious rage from media fascists. Great patriots, one and all, are our putative overseers of the Race Replacement Project.

Dynamic Silence is a weaponized application of the more general Lies of Omission that is the stock in trade of the Fake News media. Lies of Omission (LOO) leave the populace ignorant of contrary information to the anti-White Christian Narrative, and therefore susceptible to fully imbibing the schlock that the media pumps into the information vacuum. Whereas Dynamic Silence is a more proactive form of LOO, blocking dissidents from a public venue to air their views and then demonizing those silenced dissidents when they are unable to publicly answer the campaign of smears directed at them in absentia.

Does any of this sound familiar to current goings-on? It should. From commenter Ralph Stanley,

This is much worse than you think. I was listening to a satellite news program this morning and representatives of the Jewish community, described as “experts on the study of HATE”, were calling for outright de-platforming of all “hate websites”.

The primary thrust of one of the panelists’ argument was that “de-platforming works” and “hate speech is a form of violence” and, basically, “we know hate speech leads to violence”. Over and over again she stressed the importance of “taking away their community of hate”, while the female moderator acknowledged her points one by one with absolute reverence. Don’t scoff too soon at this approach. It tugs at instincts of basic decency among the general population. Normal people are rightfully disgusted and horrified whenever some Nazbol lunatic commits an act of mass violence.

We absolutely need a response to their line of argument, and it can’t simply be libertarian platitudes about free speech. Unfortunately, the Left is making an effective emotional appeal and spergy Reason Magazine-style articles only appeal to awkward manlets who still read comic books.

When the Left refers to the other side as “free speech absolutists”, they are painting us into a corner (“They are unreasonable spergs who don’t believe in reasonable limits to speech. I mean, look at what just happened!”). We need a response that tugs at people’s emotional need to express themselves freely. This means stocking fear — real, not imagined — in reasonable people that they will be subjected to more and more monitoring and repression.

Anti-free speech appeals are primarily a woman and [best people in the world] thing. It’s a lot of disingenuous sophistry that provides cover for continuing their dominance of the public communication square. It’s Suckup Conformity 101. They just don’t want dissidents upsetting their carefully manicured anti-White Christian virtue sniveling ecology. Sure, de-platforming “works” (for a short while, until war erupts) but so does tyrannical repression, which is exactly what these scumbags are calling for, because in practice and in theory there isn’t a lick of difference between de-platforming and impoverishing political dissidents and a dictatorial tyranny a la Orwell’s Ingsoc mercilessly subjugating free thinkers.

What these broads at Non-Player Radio are advocating, even if they don’t know it, is Dynamic Silence, first denying thought criminals a public platform, next slandering them until they are persona non grata and closed off permanently from the public discourse.

Greg adds,

Ah, I stand corrected, it was 20 years even earlier than I remembered.

Very cohencidental that the concept was officially stated right around the time when HUAC investigations were gaining momentum..

VERY cohencidental, amirite?

HUAC is the House Un-American Activities Committee, a House of Reps committee formed in 1938 to investigate communist infiltration of American institutions (Unholy-wood hardest hit). The history we have all IV’ed is that HUAC created a “climate of repression”, and the words “McCarthyism” and “Red Scare” were coined from it, but the unmediated facts, as usual, complicate the Ministry of Dupe narrative.

As Greg intimates, [the best people in the world] were disproportionate targets of HUAC (because they were and are disproportionate card-carrying members of commie front groups), and Dynamic Silence was, at first, a protective measure that would shield the commies within their ranks from exposure, and later, an actively hostile psy ops that would allow them to pursue their Globohomo agenda without resistance from Heritage Americans.

PS THE WHITEST OF PILLS: President Trump will sign an executive order ending the nation-wrecking scam known as birthright citizenship.

PPS Dynamic Silence is the reason why Trump exploits Twatter to go around the legacy media and reach normie eyes with his unmediated message of Love, Hope, and Realtalk.


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