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The FBI “arrested” their patsy in the Great Fake Bomb False Flag attacks of 2018. His name is Cesar Sayoc. He has a criminal history. The Chaimstream Media are labeling him a “White male”. Hmm….

MAGA Bomber? More like Mayan Bomber. Shades of “white Hispanic” George Zimmerman. Florida, again!

CNN graphics employees are currently tinkering with the Whiteness saturation of their Cesar Sayoc mug shot. “Blast it to ‘blindingly white’! I want to see Sammy Sosa after a week-long chemical peel!”, yells Jeff Zucker.

His van windows were plastered with oddly fresh Trump stickers. The Deep State went a little overboard with the pro-MAGA signaling.

Naturally, the scumbag agitprop media want us all to think the suspect is

a. a White man

b. a Trump supporter

Except, he isn’t (a), and…whoa what do we have here?…he probably isn’t (b) either.

Sloppy, sloppy, Deep State. Remember, you’ve got a lot more bases to cover in the internet era.

PS Cesar Sayoc is a choreographer for male strippers. We’re just pawing around the lip of this rabbit hole.

PPS There have been 613 acts of media-approved violence and harassment against Trump supporters.

PPPS File under: How Convenient! “Sheriff Israel from the Parkland [Hogg celebrity springboard] case is now overseeing this “suspect” in Broward County.”

PPPPS Curiouser and curiouser: #MayaBoomer Cesar Sayoc only follows left-wing accounts on Twatter.


/pol/ on false flags,

Here’s how false-flags work:

>find a non-White unstable middle-aged man

>feed him a steady stream of drugs and encouragement

>help him commit crimes, but ensure nothing actually works so the investigation doesn’t get too hot

>convince him to put as many offensive stickers as he can on his van so the whole world can see

You’d have to be an idiot to believe this guy was a real threat.

Personally, I think this mentally ill patsy was recruited by Deep State operatives and pushed over the edge to distract from the bombshell Rod Rosenstein congressional testimony that was supposed to take place this week. Keep in mind that a tsunami of testimonials are coming that will make Watergate look like child’s play, and top guys — former and active — at the FBI and DOJ are getting veeeerrry nervous.

George Papadopoulos, the low level Trump campaign worker who was the impetus for the Special Counsel investigation into the Russia Collusion Hoax, is now saying he was entrapped and wants to withdraw from his plea deal. This whole attempted coup charade is unraveling at a rapid clip, and Brennan, Clapper, Mueller, Comey, Lynch, Clinton, Obama et al are one or two testimonies away from getting fingered as co-conspirators.

Everything about the Great Fake Bomb False Flag Hoax of 2018 reeks of suspicious provenance and coordination. Purposefully inert Wile E. Coyote ACME bombs. Oddly cavalier behavior by affected media employees.

And it’s a good sign that normies aren’t buying it either.

Talk about Narrative collapse. The ink was barely dry on the media agitprop before normies started mocking them!

Update: Cesar Sayoc self-identifies as Seminole Indian. How will the media spin this malfunction in their anti-Trump message machine? “White Indian”?

Here comes the salubrious mockery. From Based Monitored:

Elizabeth Warren = Native American

Cesar Sayoc = White

Can’t make this shit up.


Cesar Sayoc had multiple identities? We’ve begun our descent into the rabbit hole.


These Fake Bombs two weeks before the elections are so obviously a scam because even the dumbest right-wing patriot would know that mailing bombs to prominent Dems and media would effectively make martyrs of them and tip the midterm election momentum in their direction. So Cesar Sayoc is INCREDIBLY stupid, a dupe, or an agent provocateur. Maybe he should have taken bomb-making tips from Ahmed the Clock Boy.

Bomb facsimile passed off as clock to scare Whitey.

Media: “It’s a clock, racists!”

Fake Bombs that people are taking pictures of in their offices.



Any MAGAmen worried about optics, needn’t. Nothing changes with the arrest of our Dances With Wile E Coyotes suspect. How much more energized can “orange man bad” leftoids get? The only effect from this will be to cause each side to dig in, and a few of us to seize the opportunity to troll the media about jizzing over a cartoonish van and studiously avoiding mentioning the suspect is an American Indian. Just keep hammering your shitlib frenemies with reminders that the media largely ignored reporting on the story of Hodgkinson, the Bernie Boomer who shot Steve Scalise and would’ve shot a lot more Republican congressmen if he had better aim.


From commenter Captain John Charity Spring MA,

So he’s an darkie ethnic minority, lived in NYC and Miami, with a violent criminal record, a swindler, a soccer coach (pedo), stripper choreographer (childless?) and we are asked to believe he’s a devoted Republican White Supremist, because of some decals…

He’s defying every single demographic if he is a Right winger.

We’re being played again. But the flim flam sham is so amateur that it will not swing one independent away from Trump.


Update: Readers are saying Cesar Sayoc is a Filipino who was pretending to be an American Indian for the social status cachet. Either way, #MPCStatusUpdates put it best:

Trump is building a fascist army of swarthy bomb-throwing musclebound gigolos



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