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Tourette’s Game

This is hilarious. An emailer links to a video of Tourette’s Guy, with the following note:

Tourette’s game. This is up there with $2 big towels.

lol yeah I remember $2 big towel guy. Girls sends him an epic post-argument love letter, and he replies “JC penny have 2$ big towels” (garnished with the requisite insouciant anti-grammer). The astute reader will note that the girl did not say she broke up with him after that. In fact, she sounded rather proud of him. Wanted to show him off to her social media girlfriends.

How is there such a thing as Tourette’s Game?, the naive newb asks. TG is real because it’s the purest form of outcome independent, ZFG attitude you will see in a man. Take supplication and appeasement and sappy romanticism, and do the opposite. That’s the M.O. of $2 Big Towel Boyfriend and Tourette’s Guy. Distilled Uncaring Asshole Game.

Bonus vid: More Tourette’s Guy hilarity, plus a cameo by Santa Claus aka Tourette’s Guy’s Dad.

Tourette’s Game examples:

Girl: Where do you see us going?

Tourette’s In Bed: Does this look like the ass of a man who knows where this is going?! *moons her*


Girl: I love you.

Tourette’s In Bed: I could shit a better sentiment!


Girl: You never listen.

Tourette’s In Bed: Oh, fuck me!


Girl: Are you dating anyone right now?

Tourette’s In Bed: What is this?! Shit load of personal questions day??


Girl: I have a boyfriend.

Tourette’s In Bed: *leans toward her face* You got some shit on your nose. Little piece of shit right there on the end of it.


Girl: I can’t make Wednesday. Maybe we could try Friday?

Tourette’s In Bed: Bitch!

PS Is it wrong to laugh at a son taunting his Tourette’s Syndrome suffering father?


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