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A great comment from jimmy h has earned him the coveted Chateau COTW. He hits on many CH themes, including the danger to leftoids of breaching their own disgust threshold when bringing too many degenerate freaks into their moldy fold.

the left was always the uncool kids – the freaks, the nerds, the underclass, the useless dumb kids, the arrogant smart kids, the mystery meat, the broken families, the sissies and the tomboys

at one point they learned how to band together and bully the normies and even some of the more beta jocks, but since they lacked any kind of social skills, and their only basis for sticking together was to protect “victims” of the cool kids, they had to keep adding more and more victim groups in order to stave off the inevitable group fractures

the left hasn’t really changed at all, people are just seeing it for what it really is, partly because it lost control of the narrative and partly because the victim groups started expanding way beyond the disgust thresholds of even the less-cool kids

evangelocons aren’t cool either and are never going to be, but progressives are no longer going to be able to claim that status for themselves either. bill maher is a washed-up has-been. john oliver is a joke himself. hollywood celebs are increasingly seen as the vapid fame whores and actual whores that they are.

Every time I see Jennifer Lawrence all I picture is sticky schmata dribbling off her blotchy face.

and the latest comediennes can’t even get the new york times to pretend they’re funny, they have to try to redefine humor in order to make them look good.

it’s over for the left, culturally. the question is whether or not they’ll succeed in suppressing alternatives. history suggests they will fail.

We know the Left knows it’s over for them, because they are frantically trying to preserve their cultural influence NOT by being cleverer or insightful or interesting or cool but by silencing those who are clever, insightful, interesting, funny, and cool.

And that rarely works. At least, not without a tyrannical crackdown on, first, dissidents, and then on normies who become dissidents in the wake of the initial crackdowns.


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