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Comment from Leonard, on how to reply to screechy shitlibs demanding vows of conformity,

Back when I actually had a lunch-room and the PC platitudes were on display I would just say “I disagree” without even looking up from the paper. Of course it was like blood in the water, and the NPCs would move in.

“What do you mean?”

“Cant say”, I’d reply, still paying more attention to the paper than the shrews. “Voicing my opinion violates state and federal law (Australia).”

Watch the old harpies croak and the young panties soak.

What kind of bigot am I? Never shall they know, and it was like a splinter in their mind.

How dare he!? Muh consensus!!!

Heh. This is good.

Even better, the thrust of Leonard’s shiv can be redirected for seductive Game practicality.

Girl: Are you hitting on me?

Keyser Sayoc’s MAGAvan: Can’t say. Voicing my opinion violates state and federal law.

Girl: *sigh*

You want to be a “splinter in a girl’s mind”, poking, pricking, penetrating her limbic lens to a reassuring reality, distorting the comfortable ego bubble she ensconces herself in, until her body presses against the perimeter, aching for a clear resolution.


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