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Gaymulatto and Trump held rallies yesterday. Here are photos of both, for comparison purposes.

My my, Trump filled an arena to overflowing while gaymulatto struggled to fill half of the floor of what looks like a high school gym.

Naturally, the Chaimstream Media only presented camera angles that deceptively enlarged gaymulatto’s crowd size, but someone (a mole, perhaps?) got hold of another camera feed and posted this pic of the crowd from a different, more honest angle.

In contrast, Trump’s crowd size was so large that the shitlib media, despite yeoxir efforts, couldn’t find a camera angle to reduce its size. Thousands of Trump supporters ringed the sullen press pen. 360 degree MAGA!

Shitlibs must HATE HATE HATE that their fantasy figure, their numinous neolib, their cult leader, their GOD, is OVERSHADOWED by a real hero, a real fantasy figure come to life, a real transformational leader….President Donald J Trump.

And gaymulatto….poor nancyboy, you just know it eats him up that Trump can fill arenas with energized followers while he speaks to hotel rooms of bored, politely clapping lumpenlibs. It burns him up inside so much he goes home and hollers impotently about kunte kinte, kangz, and Wakanda to Reggie Lover.

PS I’ve gotta say, Trump’s timing is perfect. He drops the triggering “nationalist” proclamation right as shitlibs are getting BTFO by their churlish chalupas massing for an attack on the US border. Trump’s Curse and Trump’s Blessing, working in unison.


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