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You can judge a man by his enemies, and on that accounting, Trump comes out a champion. A veritable avatar of Light and Goodness.

ed: had to turn sideways because the ballot wasn’t big enough to conceal the blubbery nethers.

Absolutely sexually, mentally, physically, and psychologically worthless. Terminal velocity impact. The Wall can only admire its destructive wake.


Are we all done vomiting? Let’s proceed.

Older catladies have lost what few marbles they had left. The younger ones are teetering on the edge of babbling lunacy. These miserable losers plaster their ugly naked bodies all over social media and imply anyone would want to grab their lumpy hagflesh. They think a point is made, that Trump and his supporters — aka normal humans — will cower before their aggrofuggery, and repent. Or feel impotent before the combined might of flapping wizard sleeves.

They think they are influencers, as if human nature has changed overnight and suddenly sane people with working disgust thresholds will forget to be repulsed by the sight of them, and join their gross, sweaty hugbox to beat back the bad orange man.

And of course, the middle finger. Can’t forget that. The degenerate freak mafia deliberately makes themselves as disgusting, repugnant, grotesque, and unlikable as possible, pursuing the dual objectives of warning predators of their toxicity and of signaling to other freaks a safe harbor to…let it all hang out.

The Fuggernaut has no purpose but to revel in their fuggery, and shove it in our faces, recapitulating the acts of ritualistic humiliation the Soviets would visit upon suspected dissidents from communist orthodoxy. “Look upon our hideousness, and dare not flinch, or we will screech like banshees for your soul on a platter!” “Our tits hang to the floor! Feel our empowerment, cishet White man!”

(From a Gabber, “Please, pass them out more ballots.”)

Or a flammenwerfer.

From Garth V., a pithy bit of insight revealing the shared motivation of ugly shitlib broads accosting people with their ugliness and totalitarian marxists forcing subjects to swallow their propaganda,

They get off on making you repeat their big lies. The more obviously false the lie is, the more you debase yourself in repeating it. When you instead affirm the truth, you’re letting them know that you will not be their slave.

The lie here is, “These are strong, empowered women. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.” The Fuggernaut wants us to abide this Big Lie, and in so abiding we debase ourselves. We bring ourselves down to their level.

I say no to that. I will affirm the truth. I will tell these immodest creaturas that their ugliness is epic, their hearts black, their souls possessed by demonic forces. They are gutter filth.

Our enemies are ridiculous. And they are poison. They must be unlatched from the body politic before their venom seeps into the heart and arrests civilization.


Commenter Double E coming in hot,

these shambling hogbeasts are always finding some random excuse to get naked to squeeze whatever drop of validation is left to get from their wasted bodies,

Yet they are the first to shriek anytime the body of a woman who is actually attractive is shown or appreciated in any way.

Feminism, and now its current year version pussyhattery, is the means by which ugly broads neutralize the competitive edge of pretty women. Naturally, it fails, because the god of biomechanics is not easily fooled.


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