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Demography Is Destiny

Heritage America can survive and thrive on one condition: If our single White women stay relatively close to the White reservation.

If, on the other hand, single White women continue drifting into the arms of Schlomo-Swarth, LLC, as they are currently doing, then nonWhite population replacement will necessitate the end not only of the GOP, but of America as it has been historically constituted.

It’s that simple. Race matters. In the big picture, ideology barely registers.

We could afford to lose the single White woman vote if we weren’t besieged by mass Dirt World dispossession. But not anymore. As the nonWhite share of the total US population increases, the existential betrayal by our single White women grows in proportion. We need that total White vote to be reliably 60% and preferably 70% to neutralize the electoral power of nonWhites until such time as we have a sane immigration policy, closed borders, and lebensraum for the White fertility rate to naturally rebound as housing and good schools become more affordable and available.

To get to that 70%+ White vote, White men either have to vote as a bloc, or single White women have to STOP voting as a bloc for the Democortez Party. The stakes are established; time to find solutions.

PS Here is an amusing parody of Democreep political ads.


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