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Beta O’Rourke

I dare you to watch this Beta O’Rourke campaign ad without violently retching.

Jeeez, I wince with embarrassment for them.

The lack of shitlib self-awareness is astounding. Do they not recognize how cringingly puerile they come across?

It must be a Fuggernaut thing. When you’re amongst fellow fugs, swaddled in mutually supportive fugliness, you let it all hang out because no one will judge you. All it would take is one Chad to show up and point at them, laughing, for the fug facade to crumble and the catladies and soyboys and noseringers to scatter, red-faced, for their underground dwellings.

Anyhow, it appears Beta O’Rourke is the new cult leader to fit the bill for shitlibs’ need to be part of a cult. A know-nothing, zero-accomplishment, effete catboy who plucks the feels-strings of hippie retreads, bitter spinsters and snarling sluts. And he has a hit-and-run DUI on his record, which fulfills another shitlib need: to spend inordinate mental energy rationalizing away the flaws of their godheads.


From DavidTheGnome,

The left has entered 90’s, rapping preacher territory as far as “coolness” goes. I don’t see it turning around anytime soon. In fact I suspect the harder they try and reclaim it, the worse it will be. It makes me think of the chapo trap house guys and their reddit stream in particular, which has all the cultural energy of a super popular guys terminally dorky younger brother.

That’s really the heart of it: the Left has become uncool. Utterly, totally, uncool. They are now the alliance of very uncool people with massive chips on thier shoulders about the popular kid Trump’s inherent coolness and the Chads and Beckys he attracts to his social circle.

And of course, the Left is now trying way too hard to seem cool again, but as DTG notes, when you have to try to be cool, your failure is inevitable. The spiral downward into uncoolness intensifies, as the try-hardness strains to recapture a charisma that was lost long ago.


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