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Two-Faced Paul Krugman

krugging: to speak with forked tongue.

Paul Krugman One:

Trump’s lies about Soros funding the caravan are a further mainstreaming of an alt-right conspiracy theory: Jewish financiers are scheming to replace you with brown people 1/ https://t.co/spalnV5F7R

— Paul Krugman (@paulkrugman) October 21, 2018

Paul Krugman Two:

So which is it, Duping-Krugman? Are White Americans losing their country to swarths, or is it an alt-right conspiracy?

Sailer commenter Olorin adds,

I keep thinking that Cholera Paul can’t get worse, then he does.

A prevailing cultural myth is that once upon a time, “journalists” were professionally fact-diggy people who wouldn’t sneer at their readers about how certain people were wrong about their assumptions or assertions, but instead would have curiosity about the issue, go out and investigate it, and present corrective or corroborating information.

The vapors-having bodice-heaving Krugman is so predictable and content-impoverished, it can do nothing but attest to the correctness of those at whom he snipes.

It tends also to offer additional evidence of something long observed by our host regarding LimoLib Paul:


One visual I did not need is Krugman in a bodice.


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