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Oy, There It Is

My assumption was proven safe. At least one of the lead authors of that “Debiasing Desire” anti-White research paper is [a special person]. In this case, what looks to be [a special person of scissoring].

“So you’re saying I have a chosen!”

Now I don’t want to say every single time, but it’s every single time.

Commenter Sean Fielding found a paragraph in the paper that gives the Culture of Critique game away:

How about this tidbit buried in the original 18 page report: “While it may strike us as normatively acceptable to encourage intimate platform users to be open to more diverse potential partners, we might find some categories more palatable for such intervention than others. For example, it might seem inappropriate to suggest that a Jewish user seeking other Jewish people “expand her horizons” past those preferences . . .”


Miscegenation for the goyium, purity for the [special people].

They’re openly telegraphing their anti-White Christian malice, through oily grins. Do we need to get hammered over the head with a shofar to see it?


Case closed. Only Whites should be manipulated through dating apps “algorithms” to embrace diversity.

They are not even trying to be a little bit more subtle anymore. They are going right to the jugular: yes, we hate you, we want to see you extinct, any problem with that?

Greg Eliot,

Unless of course (((they))) WANT to defile shicksas, amirite?

That is some 500 degree temperature worthy chutzpah, right there.

(((shakin’ mah kopf)))

It’s so Mortimer-tier arrogant as to be almost amusing. Almost, if it weren’t also deadly in consequence.

I have a theory about this off-the-charts chutzpah. Sure, partly it’s the consequence of a deep-seated malevolence to subvert orderly Gentile societies which can be more easily economically exploited and kept divided as a safeguard against majority will, but another part is simply that they are surrounded by libgoy enablers, who either encourage their anti-Gentilism because of a shared disdain for Western values, or are too cowardly to oppose and shame anti-Gentilism when it rears up.

If you lived in a shitlib insular bubble that shielded you from criticism and flattered your every unctuous piety, you might never learn when your tribal animus isn’t welcome, or how badly it falls on the ears of those who live outside your bubble. So you’d carry on, oblivious to the justified rage you provoke in your enemies. For a smart people, they sure do some stupid shit.


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