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Game literature as well as generic persuasion how-tos include a seduction technique known as “future pacing”. It is one of the most powerful persuasion tools and can rapidly intensify the comfort stage of a pickup.

Naturally, Trump the Master of Seduction is familiar with future pacing. From a Gabber,

we need to radicalize the White Wamens

and Trump showed exactly how to do that – use emotional language, not stats & facts

imagine it was your husband or father or brother or son that this [kavanaugh’s show trial] was happening to

imagine that it was someone you love who you know was innocent and some left-wing bitch decided to destroy his life over politics, cause he doesn’t agree with her on abortion

what would you do?

btw, that’s a key little Persuasion Phrase there, telling someone to imagine something

it works even if the person you’re trying to manipulate knows you’re trying to manipulate them

ppl can’t help but imagine something you tell them to imagine

imagine an elephant, imagine you’re an astronaut, imagine you’re old and dying, imagine you’re a kid again


The ease and simplicity of this powerful tactic is the word “imagine”. When you’re with a girl, start a sentence with “imagine”. Build a vajnette around it. Lead her where you want her mind to go…

“Imagine you get carried away on an ecstatic high from meeting someone new, someone exciting…”

The pussibilities are endless.


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