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Physiognomy Is Réal

This is a bronze death mask of Napoleon, cast 40 hours after his death. Examine the phyzz, and weep for our Current Year Soys, because degeneration is real.

Le 100% Shitlorde Visage.

Look at that manly mien. What do you think a man like that, if he lived today, would do with SJWs moaning about safe spaces and “White privilege”? Put them out of their misery, I bet, and then wipe his sword clean on their Harry Potter t-shirts.

This is the face of man in the pre-soy, pre-vidja, pre-pron, pre-endocrine disruptor age. All hard angles and manifest testosterone. Glory, not gloryhole face.

In contrast, a bronze death mask of an open-mouthed John Scalzi could double as a candlestick.

More tellingly, admire the size of Napoleon’s skullcap. He was a big-brained nibba. Maybe the augurs and geneticists are right…we Westerners really are getting stupider and softer.

PS Napoleon looks more frou frou in paintings than he does in his IRL death mask. It’s interesting that contemporaneous painters in Napoleon’s time tended to feminize the faces of male nobility and leaders. Maybe men were so damned high T back then that it was considered artful to “take some edge off” and present them in a less intimidating way to a predominantly aristocratic buyers’ market? Or maybe, given the fashion at the time of gaudy petticoats, wigs, and face powder, painters rarely painted their subjects in less pampered contexts?


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