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The Fuggernaut

It’s a literal freak show:

Navy petty officer wins transgender bodybuilding contest

ATLANTA — It’s been 20 years since Charles Bennett took the stage to compete in bodybuilding. But at the age of 63, he’s now done something he’s never done before — compete as a man for the first time in what’s billed as the world’s only transgender bodybuilding competition.


I hope you haven’t eaten recently, because you know what’s coming next…




the photographic boof:

You put the deviant under your boot, or the deviants put you under their boots. There is no middle ground, no “tolerance”. The choice is civilization, or dystopia.

FYI above pic confirms stereotypes about black women’s inborn masculinity. It’s easier (more believable) for a black woman to pass herself off as a black man than it is for a White woman (even the butchest of dykes) to pass as a White man. White lesbo tranny freaks have the layer of wintry insulating fat that the tropical trannies don’t.

PS This is not a parody. Have we hit Peak Poz? (trick question, there is no peak, only a bottomless pit.)


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