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Sometimes, a girl will call you out if you’re using well-known Game tactics that she may have read about second-hand in Cosmo. Or, she’ll call you out because your execution is sloppy and transparent. She might say, “Are you trying to run your player stuff on me?” if she’s not intimately familiar with Game concepts but suspects you’re using them on her.

An example provided by CalvinDecline,

Last night a girl told me some dude she was chatting with on a dating website was running weak game and trying to “neg her about her day”.

I wasn’t aware girls were that fluent in game terminology heh… was a solid reminder to keep my material fresh and tailor it to myself as best I can.

Now that I think about it… I’d wager most women spend way more time online than most men, so it shouldn’t surprise me if any have stumbled across it.

I’ve noticed that the only Game idea women know about is the Neg. For whatever reason, this relatively trivial Game ploy was the one that percolated through the Damestream Media, and now girls have their hackles up for any appearance of a neg. Women are so neg-defensive that they’ll label any pickup ruse that makes them suspicious of being a neg. This means you as a man should personalize your negs (avoid online favorites), learn to deploy them with more subtlety, or drop them altogether from your patter.

This trend of women calling out Game when men hit on them opens up new possibilities in…Game! (A smart, horny man is nothing if not resourceful.)  Captain Obvious gives it the name “Game Game” and humorously explains its application,

You can always run “Game Game” on them.

“This is me negging you.”

“This is me going radio silent on you.”

“This is me flirting with your best friend.”

“This is me getting you pregnant…”

Like Marlin Perkins narrating Mutual of Omaha’s “Wild Kingdom”

I laughed. She’ll laugh. We’ll all laugh straight to the orgy chambers.

FYI, CO’s Game Game has been discussed here at the Chateau, under a different name: Self-Acknowledgement Game.

Self-Acknowledgement Game — the art of verbalizing the technique and timeline of your seduction to a woman as it’s happening — has a storied pedigree here at the Chateau. A skilled practitioner can perform miracles with Self-Acknowledgement Game, because it’s at once flirty, edgy, jerkish, charming, and all while maintaining just enough running narrative emotional distance to avoid triggering a girl’s anti-slut defense or bitch shield.

Commenter Thoroughbred writes,

In the category of taking social risks, I’ve been using an opener for awhile now that works like dynamite because it’s so straightforward: “Hi… Wanna flirt and talk about sex?” At a minimum it gets a laugh just about every time, and most of the time it gets an enthusiastic “Sure!”.

The reason “Hi. Wanna flirt and talk about sex?” is so potent an opener is not because it’s direct, but rather because, despite the apparent directness of the message, it’s obviously humorous and therefore ambiguous in intent.

Other names for this type of Game are “Running Narrative Game” and, in old school PUA/NLP parlance, “future pacing” or future projection. More specific applications include the “Time Bridge” and “Time Distortion”.

In the semen-al 2009 CH post, “Telling a girl how you will seduce her“, the basics of Game Game were illustrated with a real life pickup attempt.

A while back on this blog Chuck left a comment suggesting a new type of game routine to run on women.

“Chuck” is Chuck Ross, a once-regular Chateau guest who, through a winding path leading from the comments here to his own blogs and eventually to the offline world, now works as a star reporter for the Daily Caller, America’s most foremost online journalism paper of record. (Not kidding. Daily Caller is co-owned by Tucker Carlson and is imo the best realtalk news site out there. Better than Breitbart.) I’m proud of him, feeling like an e-lucifer who sent his shitlord demons to the normie plane to wreak havoc on the pharisaical establishment.

It involved telling a woman exactly how you plan to seduce her, in step-by-step detail. I thought this idea was nifty so I tried it for myself. The following conversation is not verbatim (who can remember their conversations in minute detail?) but it’s close enough to the spirit of the interaction.


ME: Hair twirling is a sign of romantic interest.

GIRL: Or maybe it’s just a habit.

ME: Maybe, but not likely. After the kiss, if I’m feeling it, I would invite you back to my place to admire my photographs.

GIRL: And if I declined to go?

ME: I would take your phone number instead.

GIRL: And I would give it?

ME: You would give it.

GIRL: And you wouldn’t call.

ME: Who knows? But you would relish the anticipation.

You can read the rest at the link provided.

Game Game, Self-Acknowledgement Game, Running Narrative Game….whatever you call it, it’s essentially a form of the more fundamental Game concept “self-disqualification”, and its effectiveness comes from not just the humor but the relaxation it induces in women’s bitch shields. Game Game simultaneously heightens and relieves sexual tension — heightens it because the verbalization of sexy ideas will imprint in the girl’s thoughts; relieves it because it removes the possibility of social awkwardness from the interaction.

There’s a spin-off of Game Game that involves narrating the woman’s contributions to her seduction. I’ll call it “Pussy Pacing Game”. bigjohn33 explains,

I’ve gotten into the habit of just calling my wife’s shit tests out as shit tests. It works pretty well. I’ll even give her a chance sometimes to agree and amplify to her own shit tests.

Her: You didn’t call to let me know you were going to be late.

Me: Is this a fucking shit test? Yes I didn’t call you because I was fucking another woman.

Her: Yeah. You should have said a younger hotter tighter woman.

Then we bang later. Women being game aware doesn’t hurt anything. It’s kind of fun, actually.

Agreed. I’ve narrated my pickups on numerous occasions, broadcasting my own moves as well as her reactions. Once, over drinks at a rooftop bar, I threw skepticism to the wind and hit on a girl by announcing at what times of the night she was gonna start falling for me, when she would move closer, when she would pretend to be coy, when I would reach in like I was going for a kiss but then at the last second reach around her to grab a napkin, etc….she lapped it up like a dehydrated kitty at a milk bowl. (That last part I also foretold, which intensified the lapping.)

williamk adds,

Some game terminology is actually fairly intuitive.

I’ve said “stop shit-testing me” to girls when I can’t think of something witty. They take it in stride and just laugh. They know what they’re doing.

Never be afraid to call out a woman on her bullshit. This is Jerkboy 101 advice. Run out of bantz? Flip the script. Put the “moral” onus on her for stalling the convo. Girls love men who are aware of the girls’ manipulations. It indicates a learned facility with women, which is preselection.

Captain Obvious, with more Game Game routines,

Hold out your hand, and pretend like you’re holding a remote control, and your thumb is mashing up and down on what would be the “Fast Forward” button, and you say, “Let’s just fast forward through the shit-testing and get to the baby-making.”

[Be sure you’re pointing the imaginary Remote Control at her mouth when you say it.]

If a girl doesn’t laugh and shine after hearing that, she’s hardly worth the bother. (Note: fatties and uggs will be least likely to laugh, so no loss to you.)


Hackett to Bits is rightly unconcerned about women achieving Game-sentience,

‘Women being game aware doesn’t hurt anything….’

On the contrary, they love it. Recent jerky remark to a plate:

“You’re alright…I don’t care what [her female friend X] says about you”.

“Lol! Hey, are you negging me?”

We had discussed the Neg before, but she couldn’t care less about understanding it; she only cared about feeling it.

Women’s feelings are paramount and supplant all other cognitive processes, such as logic, morality, self-awareness, and even self-preservation. If she feels good, it’s all good. Game on, soldier of pink poon.


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