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As woman follows man, feminism follows beta male. Hackett to Bits explains in this pithy comment that wins him COTW:

Feminism flows from excess Beta. Make men man up and the problem dissolves.

Feminism is a consequence of weakening men, *not* of strengthening men as feminist propaganda claims. Weak men create a sexual polarity void which is filled with spiteful hags and bitter careerist shrikes who subconsciously resent their empowerment. The solution to feminism, therefore, is to Make Men Dominant Again.

hard times create feminine women
feminine women create good times
good times create feminists
feminists create hard times

America is at Stage Four. Come to think of it, America is at the chaotic Stage Four of a lot of cyclical societal trends.


COTW runner-up is Wild Man, with these two comments. The first accolade he shares with Matt King; it’s a muse on the “White mean” of social organization.

King: “striking the golden mean between individual and group. Neither the “army of one” nor the ant-hill horde model suffices for whites. That’s what Shitlourde is lobbying for — a little more tribalism in the recipe to neutralize the excesses of both radical individualism and totalitarianism to which we often succumb.”

Yes – aka responsible individualism. Which is valuing one’s self-agency above all else, and expecting others to as well. Self agency = the belief in the personal power to make meaningful non-deterministic decisions that therefore implies personal responsibility for the consequences of said decisions.

The second comment is about the disruptions and repercussions that the West is still experiencing since the full liberation of women, (because women are less capable than are men of striking the necessary balance of individual freedom and personal responsibility), and how non-Western colonization and subversion are preventing the emergence of a needed accommodation between Western men and their women.

courtesar: Such a mindset [ed: Outer Hajnal clannishness of the type exhibited by Sicilians] could never build any successful society or civilization
Look no further than Sicily itself
Now in these days it is certainly better than atomized individuals scattered all over the wasteland pleading allegiance to nobody but the the shekel god they serve and worship
That I can give you

Yes – something alot of people (non-NW Europeans, as well as alot of NW European women) seem not to grasp. NW European men are killing machines. But it takes a lot to provoke that. But once provoked ….. well, look at history.

NW European women have been given freedoms (in keeping with their requests along these lines) as per the western mindset that emphasizes the ascendancy of the responsible individual as the prime cultural organizing factor. NW European women are still sorting out the ‘responsibility’ end of that deal. They are struggling with that, alot right now, because of the non-western influence that is running interference on the western man/woman dynamic. Part of that interference has been to convince western women that their men are devoid of aggression, or alternatively … that their men are malignantly deficient because of said aggression. It’s all a bunch of hogwash of course. And there are other interference tactics at play as well (as well discussed here – encouraging western women along their natural proclivity to see morality in shorter term time frame contexts than is appropriate, ….. encouraging western women to adopt the pleasure principle lifestyles, ….. encouraging western women along their natural proclivity to be prone to jealousy over the emotional steadiness of their men …. etc. etc.)

It’s the primary problem right now. The western agenda can’t progress while this condition still exits. What this means is that the non-western influence impinging upon western culture must be discounted ….. like that has to be the normal cultural outlook on these matters in the west …… that non-westerners are entitled to their opinions and all that (which of course is a standard western sentiment), but that it stops right there – an opinion that counts for very little, in the whole scheme of things, western-mindset-wise. Now how is this going to occur when non-western influence targets the weak point in the western experiment at this juncture – which is that our women are still struggling with the ‘responsibility’ end of the ‘western individuality’ deal?

So how to we eventuate the necessary condition whereby non-western opinion on western matters is discounted as worthy of very little consideration with respect to the continuation of the western endeavor? Imo, first order of business …… re-introduce and re-popularize the precepts of the western mindset within western culture. The understanding of what the western mindset even is, has been badly eroded by the non-western cultural interference, as I have alluded to above. There is a positive way forward out of this temporary western setback.

Easier said than done. I’m afraid the only way forward out of our morass is by excising the necrotic flesh that prevents our full civilizational recovery. The excision can occur through multiple means, but the result must be the same: a culling of anti-Western elements from positions of power and influence over the Western mindspace.


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