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One reason, if not the primary reason, jews slobber over blacks and happily use blacks as weapons against Gentile Whites is because jews pride themselves on being the motivating force in the “liberation” of the American negro. Therefore, if inherent black characteristics, rather than White VeryBadNess, is blamed for black dysfunction, jewish pride in their outsized role in the civil rights movement is tainted. Worse, it’s negated.

(A secondary explanation for jewish infatuation with blacks is a neurotic obsession with the “primal buck” starkly revealing by comparison their own physical and sexual insecurities. I’m not convinced of this theory, though, because in private many jews will let slip what they really think of “the schwartzes”. jews may be neurotic and theatrically self-obsessive, but that doesn’t mean they’re incapable of feelings of superiority and of lording it over their true hated enemy (not blacks)).


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