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Sometimes you want your perspective fortified with a dose of concentrated pessimism. Commenter Logic delivers the goods,

I have been following the latest outrage of the last three days. Apparently, Brett Kavanaugh pulled a girls ponytail at the playground when he was 9 or something to that effect, and everyone on the left is losing their minds. I’m not going to analyze the myriad of ways that this accusation makes no sense (notably timing, inconsistencies, age of people involved, and other things that came up).

My point is different in nature and the observation is more general.

The United States is in a civil war in every way short of using arms. The institutions won’t save us any more because they no longer mean anything. There are two sides which are equally unchangeable in their minds. Both sides are not driven by the same principles (you can call it a fight between “idealism” vs “realism” to give them both credit but that is giving the one side a little too much credit I guess) but in principle both sides are largely unmoved in their beliefs and direction.

The issue is that until very recently we thought that there was only one side that was rising every day (the Left) and another that was slowly dying (the Right). The leaders of the Right themselves were into some sort of pathological approval seeking path to appease the Left even to their own detriment (as long as they were not labelled as “-ists” of any kind). In a perverse sense, they were even more over-socialized in the kaczynskian sense then their Left counterparts and hence they were ok with killing their own movement as long as they were still invited to their Galas and Correspondents dinners (during which they were happy to be the butt of the joke). Meanwhile, their constituents, who are despised by the Left, were always feeling like there was only one way of doing things and that the best they could hope for was to slow down their eventual demise.

Trump changed all of this. The Right realized that they don’t owe the Left shit. They could still believe what their eyes and common sense dictated to them without going through any PC filter or seeking institutional approval. I’m not going to go into depth about the Trump phenomenon but if I can summarize it into a single soundbite it would be this: “Trump PERMANENTLY awakened half of the US population to the reality of what is happening to their nation”. The emphasis is on “permanently” and I explain why reaching my conclusion.

There is no way for the political situation in the US to become better. Let me repeat this. THERE. IS. NO. WAY. THINGS. GET. BETTER. It is total war at this point. It is a war of attrition. There is no scenario where everyone starts liking (or even accepting) everyone in the other side. The Left was so close to actually kill the dragon in it’s sleep. Trump awakened it but it doesn’t mean that the Right will win. It only means that it will either prevail or it will go down fighting. No middle ground.

Make no mistake that both sides are out to win this thing by any means necessary. Kavanaugh doesn’t matter. The Supreme court will not matter when 70 million people from one or the other side view it as illegitimate. Nothing matters anymore.

You are in the USA but it is no longer one country. It was beautiful while it lasted and it may be beautiful again. I am no prophet so I can’t say which side will be the best for this country in the long run. [ed: I can. If the Anti-White Equalist Leftoids win the war, in the long run there is no America as we know her. There is only misery, extremes of inequality, and the death of anything Beautiful and True] Human dynamics are so complicated that anyone who claims otherwise with extreme certainty is a fool. [ed: with extreme certainty, I know that Nature doesn’t suffer fools gladly for long] The Right is just more likely to use past experience and common sense about human nature as its guiding principles and insofar as the past can teach us about the future in complex situations, it is more likely that they have it right. However who knows? Maybe blind idealism and the Left’s values will be more useful for the country to survive and thrive in a changing world. Only time will tell.

You can choose the poolside or the battlefield. But don’t let anyone tell you that things will ever be the same again. The US, at least the way the founding fathers have envisioned it, is no more.

FYI, Creepy Joe Biden is now calling Trump supporters “dregs of society“. A bit more bite to it than thecunt’s “deplorables”, but the intended message is the same: “we don’t reason with those we consider our inferiors”. These are fighting words, dripping with dehumanizing bile. When the elites use terms like this to describe regular working stiff Americans, it is proof their hearts are blackened and they would laugh if you were killed, your children raped, and everything you hold dear reduced to ashes.

How would you compromise in good faith with enemies like that? You wouldn’t. The time for op-eds and lecterns and agitprop would end and give way to the clarifying battlefield.

PA adds,

Solid comment, glad it didn’t drown in mod.

The x-factor: White libs are not acting in their own rational self-interest. They don’t see it that way right now and there is no way of appealing to their reason the way you’d talk a friend out of making a disastrous purchase.

But they might realize this in time: No matter which side wins, they lose.

The key will be just how disloyal White women are to their White men, which is equivalent to asking how disloyal White women will be to their nation, for a nation is the sum total of men’s collective purpose and ambition, and America is the sum total of White men’s collective vision.

If our women embrace pussyhat careerist shrike catladydom, their loyalty will evaporate, and America’s end is fated. If somehow they return to the fold, it buys their men time to rescue America from an Abattoir of Babel demise.

I thought Trump would buy us that time, and he still may, but with each day and each new low the Media-Deep State-Democortez Axis of Annihilation plumb my doubt grows that Trump can prevail. He has done much; it may not be enough. From where I stand, I don’t see White shitlibs coming around to reason any time soon, maybe not even when the rivers of blood flow. I see flickers of hope, of delayed realization from a few, but they won’t make the difference. We need an awakening that shakes the foundations of our institutions, rends post-WW2 orthodoxy, and shatters the neoliberal belief in Globohomo.

Pray for it, because what will emerge from a thwarted awakening is the stuff of nightmares.


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