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The Salvini Salvation

The verdict is in: Matteo Salvini is more than Italy’s Trump. He’s Trump’s Trump. In this video, he “spits fire” (as a commenter put it) at leftist Italian pols, saying to one of them, “I need to tell this beta leftist from Tuscany… WE CAN’T FILL ITALY WITH AFRICA”.

Watch the whole video, it’s great. Pay close attention at 1:45, when the camera pans to the beta leftist from Tuscany as Salvini flays him on live TV. The leftoid’s phyzz is EXACTLY what you’d expect. That pissant, cowardly, sneering, phaggoty bugman look is an international phenomenon.


Merda santa, Salvini is Heartiste!

It’ll take HuWhyte men to rescue White men. BREACH THE HAJNAL! EAST AND WEST UNITE! CRUSH THE CUCKS!

PS Salvini living up to the beautiful stereotype of Italians talking just as much with their hands as with their mouths.


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