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don forwards a study finding a correlation between declining sperm counts and the breadth of a man’s taint (wish i was kidding). Source.

Testosterone levels have also dropped precipitously, with effects beginning in utero and extending into adulthood. One of the most significant markers of an organism’s sex is something called anogenital distance (AGD)—the measurement between the anus and the genitals. Male AGD is typically twice the length of female, a much more dramatic difference than height or weight or musculature. Lower testosterone leads to a shorter AGD, and a measurement lower than the median correlates to a man being seven times as likely to be subfertile and gives him a greater likelihood of having undescended testicles, testicular tumors, and a smaller penis.

don adds: “Sometimes science is funnier than comedy. AGD bwahaha!”

My AGD is yuge. Just tremendous! I’m releasing the unredacted version of it tomorrow. Tiny tainters are nervous! MAGDA!

btw if women didn’t like surprize buttsecks, why is their anus so close to their vagina? I prefer to follow, rather than ignore, God’s signposts.

“What you are seeing in a number of systems, other developmental systems, is that the sex differences are shrinking,” Swan told me. Men are producing less sperm. They’re also becoming less male.

FYI it’s not a coincidence that subfertile soyboys and Gynarcho-Tyranny are contemporaneous. The feedback loop is aggressively degenerate. Too few sexy high T alpha males means too many bitter MeToo shrikes lashing out at the weak betas who can’t even manage a patriarchy of one.

I assumed that the next thing Swan was going to tell me was that these changes were all a mystery to scientists. If only we could figure out what was causing the drop in sperm counts, I imagined, we could solve all the attendant health problems at once. But it turns out that it’s not a mystery: We know what the culprit is. And it’s hiding in plain sight.

Answer: It’s the endocrine disruptors. My Chemical Bromance. A River of Birth Control Pills Runs Through It.

The Prophet Ted Kaczynski had it right: the industrial revolution and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race. We only had to listen.

I’ve predicted on these pages that the 21st Century will be the story of forswearing the modernity of the 20th century. De-scaling mass society will save more than a nation; it will save maleness itself.


Tipsy comments,

Isn’t it amazing that in every article about endocrine disruptors no one mentions hormonal contraception? It’s like it’s the third rail or something….

Any uncomfortable truth that is perceived to place blame on sacrosanct women is verboten, so the lies shall continue until the last sperm is tepidly dribbled from misshapen micropeen.


More from Tipsy,

I’m convinced that the biblical injunction for men to do hard physical labor and women to give birth in pain is not a punishment so much as it is a how-to manual. After the fall, that’s simply how we’re built.

And yet our society is veering towards the opposite: soft men swaddled in blue screens, and C-sections for drugged up pregnant women. We have banished toil and pain at the peril of our humanity.


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