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Exhibit A (from a catalog of millions of exhibits, multiplying exponentially by the day):

A reader quips (programming note: I don’t reveal readers’ names if their comments were in conversations in which I participated, unless otherwise requested):

roflmao this literally looks like a refugee slipped into this chick’s apt before she woke up and sidled up behind her for some morning rape secks

Another reader wonders why this mogrelization crap is being shoved down our ocular throats,

Inter left battle of the brown uglies hating the attractive top of the pyramid white girls

Maybe. I’d add a few more (((demos))) to the uglies. But White male shitlibs still helm some of these newspaper, ad and marketing agencies, and presumably they’re signing off on this stuff too. Is it all just sexual obsession with White Women curdled by a spiteful sense of coming up short according to White Woman mate criteria?

My take is more cynical than even raw envy and resentment, or garden variety trangressiveness. Miscegenation agitprop is a central plank of the Globohomo agenda. Ask yourself why, and the answer you’ll find is located in the darkest deepest crevice of the chosensoul abyss. It’s nothing less than an attack on Whiteness, on the White race, and on the unique characteristics and beauty of White men and women.

This is serious psychological warfare. The purveyors of mystery meatification know damned well the primal feelings they’re stirring up like a hornet’s nest, and they revel in it. They know, too, that genetic heritage matters, despite their equalist bleatings to the contrary, and that nothing gladdens them quite like the idea that they are responsible for luring White women to the Swarth Side to toss away in a jizzstant millennia of genetic, and hence cultural and aesthetic, refinement.

It’s an all-out assault on Truth&Beauty and European Christendom from which we need an id cleanser:

Photo art by #Russian photographer Karina Kiel: ~ Mother and daughter ~

I’m reminded of a quote. “One drop of wine in mud is still mud. One drop of mud in wine ruins the wine.”

That there above is pure white wine.

PS The Deep State is closer to their reckoning. McCabe altered Strzok’s 302 report on Michael Flynn’s interview. Lies lies lies lies….get ready Comey Crü, the MAGAmen are coming for you!

PPS @BronzeAgePervert‍ has published a book. I don’t read many internet era dissident tomes, preferring myself the pre-digital age classics, but BAP’s book will be one I’ll add to my library.

PPPS Additional lulz. Directly from the White House, it has Berserker Brad Parscale’s fingerprints all over it:

They said it couldn’t be done… pic.twitter.com/QTfOFYirZI

— The White House (@WhiteHouse) June 7, 2018

PPPPS Nice comment here by Daniel Chieh on autonomy vs interdependence.

PPPPPS Frequency of the word ‘racism’ in NYTimes articles, 1851-2016:

Frequency of the word ‘Racism’ in New York Times articles, 1851-2016.

? pic.twitter.com/jbrlRRaJv6


— Conscious Caracal (@ConCaracal) June 5, 2018

Astute analysis by the poster: “The more actual racism decreases, the more it needs to be fabricated to keep the narrative alive.”

It took a couple of decades for the cultural marxist/equalist drivel to sink deep into the Western mind and lodge itself there, but once it did it was off to the races, and now here we are, arguing whether we have the moral and Constitutional right to keep out billions of Dirt World migrants from our homeland.


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