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Does the title of this post sound like a fair deal? Guess what, most betas don’t even get that.

Doktor Jeep with the COTW win:

When a woman refuses to give a man her best years then no man is obligated to be there for her worst.

And we’ll be seeing a new breed of women to whom it will be quite stark being told that the meaning of their lives is merely to serve as a warning for others.
This article would be wasted on roastie who can’t understand it. But it should be shared with every daughter, niece, and granddaughter we know of.

Five minutes of alpha beats five years of beta. Male analogue: Ten years of hott beats fifty years of nott.

The Shivster wins the COTW runner-up prize (a set of steak knives…for sharper shivving, ofc),

Interesting…clicking through to her recent [cock carouseler’s] lament in the nypost, we see a picture of her. She looks older than 37. More like 45+.

She reminds me a bit of an old Spanish teacher. The baggy white peasant clothes and lack of makeup insist that she’s “not trying” to be sexy. (When you can no longer compete against the younger tighter gals, you withdraw from competition to spare yourself the pain of losing.)

Her eyes look kinda squinty. Her skin looks tired…like on older women who have had too many microdermabrasions and acid peels. Part of this is the hundred-c*ck stare, and part of it is aging, and part of it is staring into the void of her cat lady future.

But even now, she’s trying to protect her ego. She wants us to know that she “dated” the original Mr. Big. She wants us to know that she WOULDN’T have dated her current beau back in her prime. And, with her outfit, she wants us to think that she’s become less shallow and more spiritual. When in fact she’s just become more insecure about her looks.

But this is all a mistake. If she’s truly seen the light, she needs to realistically assess her current MMV, accept that her current Beta beau is the best she’s gonna do, and start treating him like an Alpha before she loses him too. She needs to doll herself up, stop telling herself or anyone else that she’s settling for reasonable, and start rocking her guy’s world. Not grudgingly, but as enthusiastically as she ever did for Mr. Big. If she wants someone to wife her up at 37, she darn well better be as hot, agreeable, and repentant as possible.

Damaged goods is bad enough, but damaged goods still pining for the good old days is a non-starter. Ugh. You just know she’s telling everyone who’ll listen that her recent “settling” for “Mr. Reasonable” is a spiritual evolution on her part. This is a sure-fire way to lose Mr. Reasonable.


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