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Flipping The Disgust Script

Politically, girls may vote as if they have very high disgust thresholds (high tolerance for disgusting things) when they prance around shrieking about welcoming rapefugees and opening the borders to the swarth hordes, but romantically, girls possess a sophisticated, honed, expansive and discriminating disgust radar. Which makes sense on a biomechanical level. Each egg is precious and if girls didn’t have a quick trigger disgust reflex then there’d be a greater likelihood of mangled omega seed polluting their wombs.

So girls use hypergamous slurs like “gross”, “ew”, and “creepy” a lot to express a subconscious Darwinian revulsion for the bottom 80% of men.

Good news, Christian men! You can co-opt and commandeer this girlie trait — by flipping the disgust script — and make yourselves more intriguing to girls. The art and science of seduction is largely a cooption by men of the courtship wiles and guiles of women. To seduce women, one must think like a woman, which means in practice redirecting the mate filtering power of women’s coyness against them.

Women can resist many forms of entreaty but they can’t resist their narcissism reflected back at them.

“to save the ho we had to seduce the ho.”

Tactically, flipping the disgust script means liberally expressing your visceral displeasure with a girl’s antics, opinions, or choice of footwear.

The key here, as usual in the domain of pickup, is delivery. You want to avoid angry remonstration for a playfully suave application of concept. You aren’t *really* disgusted by the way she holds a dripping wet cocktail napkin to her face, so don’t retch and vomit in front of her. There is such a thing as overgaming.

You want that smirk and playfulness always bubbling right at the surface of your silver tongue. The name of the game is ambiguity. Maybe you are disgusted by something about her, maybe not and you’re just taking the piss with her. She can’t tell, and that’s exactly where you want her: in the realm of uncertainty aka vaginal glee.

My personal toolkit includes crowd pleasing favorites like

“you’re coming on way too hard. creepy!”

“say it don’t spray it”

*silently and theatrically mouth the exclamation “wow”*

“is that lip gloss or vaseline? ew”

“oh god another girl staring at my crotch. ugh so gross”

“did you just wink at me? i’m calling the MeToo police”

You get the idea. Expressing disgust for a girl’s behavior etc is a form of self-disqualification (that is, you’re disqualifying yourself as a potential suitor) which itself is an hsmv mate value cue of male desirability (that is, you have so many women to choose from you can afford to blow off any one woman on the flimsiest of feigned pretexts, such as the gaudiness of her neon colored nail polish).


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