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Ann Althouse notes that the leaders of Europe’s four biggest economies have zero biological children among them. (h/t reader pavetack)

Theresa May, UK, no children (unable to have them)
Angela Merkel, Germany, no biological children
Emmanuel Maricon, France, no biological children
Paolo Gentiloni, Italy, no children

May is the least cucked of these four, and it’s therefore unsurprising that her childlessness was a pained regret imposed on her instead of a lifestyle choice. (Gentiloni is wobbly on border control, to put it nicely.)

I’m sure exceptions exist in the historical record, but as a rule, it’s generally better if a democratically elected leader has children than not. The feeling of stewardship and kinship is heightened when one has a stake in the future of the nation via his or her blood-bound progeny. Merkel and Maricon have no stake in the future of Germany and France (sorry, stepchildren don’t count on a Darwinian level), and so they will be inclined to push globalist policies that expand the scope of nihilistic degeneracy at the expense of racial and cultural continuity.

This excerpt from Maricon’s platform is so revealing of the globohomoist death cult mindset,

Perhaps because he wasn’t carrying the burdens of an entire gender when accounting for his [family deformation] decisions, Macron seemed completely at ease. He was saying, less apologetically than I’ve heard it said by a politician, that his family would be what he made of it, and that this was a cause for celebration, not suspicion or pity. His platform backs up his rhetoric, making special mention of the “diversity of family configurations”—married couples, couples in civil unions, co-habitating couples, parents who are together, parents who are separated, single-parent families, blended families, and same-sex-parent families—and promising to insure them equal rights under the law.

“Blended families” is a microcosm of what Globohomoists like Maricon want to do to the entire White West. Blend it out of existence.

Maricon’s shitlib blather to the contrary notwithstanding, it’s socially responsible to cast suspicion and pity towards rejects, misfits, and freaks who accumulate dysfunctional family formations like mutational genetic loads. This includes Maricon, a closet case who’s banging dusty grandma muff and will leave no legacy beyond being France’s last peacetime leader before the Siege of Elysee by Suleiman’s gremlin heirs.

A “diversity of family configurations” is code for “death of the West”. What libfruits like Maricon are either unable to process or resistant to accept is the beautiful truth that some family formations are better than others, and that this hierarchy has its source in our very humanity, which would be snuffed out if Maricon’s deformed families were to become the norm rather than the oddity. If the Family Maricons of the world were equal in estimation and under law to fitness-maximized heterosexual families with biological children, then it should be no threat to humanity if there were more Maricons to “celebrate” and fewer normal families to blend into the tar pits of the vast Dirt World.

Except it is a threat. A Maricon France means no France at all, at least not in any historical sense. Mariconism is Mort, the squandering of seed in barren old lady womb, the disappearing of White French from their homeland to be replaced by more reproductively vigorous invaders from swarthlands.

With stakes this high, suspicion and pity of Maricon’s Unfamily Circus are tepid responses. Mockery and ostracism would be more appropriate reactions.


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