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What other conclusion are we to draw when the voting behavior and opinions of single White women corroborates exactly what this post’s title asserts? From Bigly E, another id-buster post that reveals a leetle too much about the vagoconductive currents that emanate from single White women’s hindbrains.

Single white women are more opposed to a big, beautiful wall than Asians, blacks, or even Hispanics are.


Single White women are, presumably for those of them who still have a bit of bloom on the rose, actively trawling the sexual market for cad and cavalier. Thus, they are in their stage of life when all faculties, mental, emotional, libidinal, are focused to a pinpoint of estrogenic vitality, with the familiar shit-testing behavioral profile that vitality presupposes.

This means, single White women are limbically primed to be aroused by dominance and a ZFG attitude in men, and those men who fall short in these traits are dumped into the beta orbiter/friendzone with a quickness, when they aren’t rejected outright. The dumping can be literal, or metaphorical, as in a political friendzoning that weakens the electoral power of White men.

As a social phenomenon, a large chunk of America’s White men have spectacularly failed the dominance/ZFG test. America the Shitlib Feminist Shrike has effectively neutered White men, and unmasked them for romantically unappealing doormats to single White women. As women are wont by the essence of their sex to spread their legs for the dominant tribe’s men, they will wish to see tribal battles play out so that they may enjoy the luxury of choosing winners and their winning seed. The single White woman desire for open borders is nothing less than a desire for alpha male interlopers to test the mettle of their betatized male loafers. A massive civilizational shit test, if you will.

For this reason, it was always a mistake to entrust the nation’s future to its native daughters, especially while in their pulchritudinous primes. Women are more xenophilic than men and this difference goes deep, all the way to the Darwinian pulses in the primal part of the brain that regulate reproductive algorithms. No logic, reason, accountability, or basic common sense can defeat such a primitive force.

There aren’t many solutions to this intractable cognitive block in women’s hindbrains that don’t require serious divestment from the recently operative political and social calculus. Off the top of my head, here are solutions that would work (but just try hurdling the independent variables on your way to a solvable equation):

  1. rescind suffrage and disenfranchise single White women
  2. get more White women married off and pregnant at younger ages
  3. break America into regional entities, diluting the single White woman vote
  4. convince married White women to socially ostracize single White women by any means necessary
  5. make divorce harder for women
  6. economically and socially incentivize early marriage (e.g., conduct a massive draw-down of women from the workforce and cease glorifying single momhood and tankgrrl careerism)
  7. ban abortion and contraceptives (good luck with that)
  8. execute a vast, mass propaganda psy ops involving reframing of contentious national question issues and other rhetorical gambits that constitute the heart of Game to reorient the acceptable opinion avenues by which single White women gain social status rewards so that they find value in claiming the opposite of the self-defeating open borders beliefs they comfortingly regurgitate for now. (whether he knows it or not, this is the Trump Option.)

I welcome further suggestions from the commentariat.

An “overfeed the beast” strategy that I sometimes see entertained by crueler elements in the Exasperated-Right won’t work; if you dump millions of Dirt World trashkin into single White women playgrounds, all that will accomplish is an increase in the murder, rape… and miscegenation rates. The bleeding heart politics of these dumb bunnies won’t move an iota. No, the way forward is for White men to retake control of their homeland and scoff at the precious political boilerplate their women solipsistically indulge.

I can tell you that if we refuse to tackle our shared single White women problem, the nonWhite invaders will tackle the problem for us. And the way they solve it won’t abide feminist SWPL rules of conduct.

PS Cough up your black pills, because Trump’s firing of Comey may have opened the way to renew the investigation of thecunt’s email case while at State. I told you guys Comey was a lackey for thecunt. Get rid of him, and thecunt will start thinking about getaway plans to safe havens.


PA suggests motives for the single White woman signaling for open borders.

— The single White woman desire for open borders is nothing less than a desire for alpha male interlopers to test the mettle of their betatized male loafers.

Yes, I agree. Other reasons why normal young single White females (as opposed to gutter-grade trigglypuffs) think they want open borders, along with my estimate of the likelihood of that being one of their motives:

To enjoy brown d_ck: 5%

To have a mixed baby: 0%

To be on the top of an even taller female SMV pyramid: 90%

To increase the likelihood of *other* White women getting r_ped, k_lled, or kn_cked up by browns: a sobering 75%

To virtue-signal (read: follow a fashion) that they don’t yet know is about to go out of style: 100%

Female Suffrage. A mistake that will not be made again.

I meant to bring up this point in the body of the post, but PA’s #3 reason — to enjoy the instant social status ladder climb from importing a vast bottomfeeder population of lower SMV women and men — is probably the most subconsciously pertinent (and least remarked upon) motivation to single White women.


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