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Every administration member should have to pass a “doe-eyed suffering child” test. If he or she can’t look at a photo of a suffering child without starting a war, they’re automatically disqualified from participating in national security decisions.

Naturally, this will rule out 99% of women from public service.


Reader (and now Gabber) PA adds,

They all pass the “doe-eyed suffering child test” when the child is Swedish.

Or French. Remember that photo of the tarp-covered French child after an Islamofreak rammed his truck into a crowd of French parade-goers? Our Globohomo leaders weren’t shouting for war with Greater Gutterabia. In fact, just the opposite….the scumbags were calling for MORE immigration of Muslims into the West.

Good things happen to bad people and bad things happen to good people all over the world all the time. It’s not the job of America to play God meting out justice. If every suffering child was cause for military intervention by America, we’d be balls-deep in civil wars and tribal conflagrations in the four corners of the world for eternity, or until our coffers finally dried up and we could no longer afford the luxury of preening moral profligacy.

You reading, Ivanka?


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