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Before I begin, I’ll say that I’m not off the Trump Train. Not even close, and won’t be unless he betrays his Twatter-stenciled campaign promises in more spectacular fashion than lobbing ordnance at a Syrian airfield. Trump would have to renege on the Wall and the Deportations to lose my support. Hysterical girls on the alt-right should collect themselves; you don’t cast a man out for a trivial concession — and we’ll see if it truly was a concession or if it was a burst of strategic political genius — to the globohomoists when he has done so much in one year to manifest your revolution of thought.

That said, I’m at a place with Trump where my eager trust has given way to a state of suspended belief. There’s a lot we don’t know about Trump’s innermost thinking on these matters, but the days ahead will reveal a needed clarification of his loyalties. I’m with Anti-Gnostic on this: I’ve substituted my Golden Pill and Red Pill cocktail with a Grey Pill.

First thought: the US tipped off the Russians who, surely, tipped off the Syrians. Not much actual damage done.

1. A token display of force to divert his increasingly unhinged critics. Leverage with Russia in advance of Tillerson’s trip as they negotiate Assad’s exit and joint plan on squashing the cockroaches.

2. The bored generals and You-Know-Who’s finally got to him and it’s off to war and endless occupation of yet another country that deeply resents us. Billions to bomb them, billions to rebuild them. More immigrants, and more Muslims with a grudge.

The problem with 1 is, who do you put in power in the Big Man’s place? Syria is a snakepit and the Assads have spent so much time consolidating power that there’s nobody competent outside their circle left. Does anybody know ANYONE in Syria ready to step up to the plate? Or does the CIA have some gray-haired guy on ice in a Northern Virginia suburb ready to roll out, who’ll have to hire US mercs because he can’t trust his own countrymen?

I just don’t see how you implement 1 without it leading to 2.

I’m paused at grey-pill for now. But immigration was the issue that swept him into power (via the Electoral College) and he doesn’t seem to be doing much on it. And now he’s bit into something that could occupy his time 24/7 if he let it (like the perplexed LBJ with Vietnam).

The tidiest explanation for Trump’s decision to send a volley of cruise missiles at a pre-abandoned Syrian airstrip is that Trump — and his favorite daughter — saw (possibly false flag) footage of dying and dead kids purportedly gassed by Assad forces and, coupled with what he may have thought was an opportunity to shore up his leverage with Russophobic neocons and war-thirsty cuckhawks, it emotionally moved him to action. A perfectly human reaction, if not necessarily a wise geopolitical response.

But tidiness left America sometime after 1965. We live in a Diverse Untidytopia now. And so it’s fair to ask ourselves if Trump is a 4D chess master one move from checkmating our New World Byzantium, or if he’s become a puppet of globalist elites, sucked under by the riptide of an apozalypse even a God Emperor can’t resist.

Briefly, I present both cases here.

From the pessimistic, Puppet Trump side, we have:

  • Derb swinging his Doombringer. (executive summary: picking up the banner of neoscum warmongering has a way of crowding out more important issues, like stopping mass immigration.)
  • Cernovich’s source is claiming that current National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster is manipulating intelligence reports to mislead President Trump because McMaster wants 150,000 ground soldiers in Syria. (Agnostic covers it here.) Note as well Susan Rice — the treasonous gay mulatto official who illegally unmasked names in surveillance docs on Trump associates — is a McMaster ally who wanted Steve Bannon ousted from Trump’s White House.
  • Trump’s pick to lead border enforcement has support from cucks and Gay Mulatto officials (not in itself hard evidence that the pick is a secret globohomoist, but definitely a leading indicator).
  • Trump appointed a pro-immigration free-trader as CEA chair. (CEA is the Council of Economic Advisers)
  • George Soros, the oyveytar of Satan on Earth, quietly funneled $250 million in credit to the Jared Kushner-backed real estate finance startup Cadre.
  • Jared Kushner (Trump’s son-in-law remember) was in Iraq just a few days before the “””Sarin gas attack””” that prompted Trump’s retaliatory missile strike two days later, on the same day Gorsuch was confirmed for SCOTUS (probably on guarantees from McCain et al if they got their Syria attack dearest wish).

The Puppet Trump camp believes, in no order of likelihood, that Trump ordered the missile strike to

  1. appease YKW
  2. appease Ivanka
  3. goose his polls, thus his ego
  4. shake off the perception of him as a Putin stooge
  5. Partition Syria/start WWIII at the behest of the Deep State which has blackmailed/misled/threatened him
  6. fracture the Shiite crescent of influence running from Iran through Syria, ostensibly for Israel’s benefit and to open new oil pipelines access routes

Unbelievably, I think #5 is the most likely possibility of all the pessimistic scenarios.


From the optimistic, 4D Chess Master Trump side, we have:

  • Trump sidelining the pro-immigration CEA chair.
  • Bannon attending an NSC meeting one day after he was reported to have been removed from his role with the NSC.
  • China President Xi visiting on the same day Trump ordered the missile strike.
  • GOPe cucks, neocons, and Dem shitlibs hungry for Putin-Trump collaboration evidence being made to look silly by Trump’s “anti-Russia” move.
  • reports that Trump tipped off the Russians (who would tell Assad) about his “retaliatory” missile strike.
  • the fact that the only thing blown up was an airstrip.
  • SoS Tillerson giving very mealy-mouthed assertions about finding a way to eventually ease Assad out of power.

The 4D Chess Master Trump camp believes he ordered the missile strike to

  1. flex power ahead of Xi meeting.
  2. genuinely strengthen deterrence against any nation thinking about using chemical weapons.
  3. extend a trivial political favor to his neocuck foes (who are gullible and will savor it) in exchange for yuge progress on his domestic issues. See: Gorsuch, the Wall (coming soon).
  4. smoke out the globalist Deep State by tying them to evidence later revealed by Trump of rogue agents coordinating the gas attack with Syrian rebels.

Does this feel like whiplash to you? Maybe it should. It’s part of Trump’s MO.

The Chess Master Trump proponents are in awe of Trump’s ability to out-wit the globohomoists with his tactical retreats that turn into strategic victories, but there is a risk to feeding your enemy a false belief in his pyrrhic victory over you. Perception matters, and it’s hard to escape the optics of the globalists getting Trump to betray his stated principles with this missile strike against Syria. Trump tweeted a lot about the folly of getting involved in Syria; now he’s involved.

The danger of sacrificing a stated principle (no matter how small the actual sacrifice) for a longer-term gain in power, is that it erodes the trust of one’s supporters and it gives one’s enemies too much leverage in the short-term. Anti-Trumpists will be emboldened by Trump’s self-betrayal, and as Trump manipulated them, they will manipulate Trump. Just as Trump can lob a few token missiles to awe cucks and advance his nationalist agenda, so too can cucks stroke Trump’s ego with tokens of support for irrelevancies while advancing their true globalist agenda.

My suspicion is that the gas attack was either a false flag (been known to happen) or an accidental release caused by a bombing run that detonated a rebel/al-nusra aka al-qaeda ammo dump. And what if Assad decided to gas some rebels risking a PR disaster and US response at a time when the war was turning in his favor? prolier than thou writes,

It’s not an opinion I would venture to everyone, but assuming Assad did use chemical weapons (and I’m not sure there really is such a moral distinction on the type of weapon used anyway) I don’t automatically think that makes him a bad person.

Most Western European countries have Muslim minorities of only 5% or less, yet look at the problems they cause. The only reason we are not experiencing terrorist attacks in Britain and France every week (every day?) is that we have sophisticated and expensive security services, most of which are staffed by non-Muslims who are not likely to be secretly helping the Islamic radicals. So how would a secular Muslim president go about trying to keep order and create some kind of progress in a nation that is not only 100% Muslim, but a nation also made up of different kinds of Muslim who hate each other, with little money to combat them, and the world’s only superpower hell bent on installing Islamic radicals in every secular Muslim country in the Middle East?

It’s easy to judge Assad, but if you think that having your nation taken over by the likes of ISIS is the worst thing possible, then launching a chemical attack in your own nation becomes something less than the worst thing possible. Heck, if ISIS were twenty miles from my town I’d be out on the streets DEMANDING he uses everything he’s got on them and their supporters.

I’ve read a lot of comments on Alt-Right sites like Steve Sailer making these kind of arguments about sending a message to North Korea or China, or the Democrats, or some other foreign or domestic enemy. This just seems like the kind of mentality of a corrupt Empire that sees the world as it’s plaything. You are talking about a foreign nation engaged in an existential struggle against an evil opponent, the idea that some Americans view whole nations as irrelevant pawns in a geopolitical or domestic political game is sickening, and something I’d hope only those on the left would make.

The best positive spin analysis of Trump’s Syria action comes from Gabber @GrapeApe, who writes that Trump is giving himself breathing room to make progress on the stuff that really matters to Americans,

Trump has been facing a historically entrenched opposition made up of Dems and Cucks (but I repeat myself). They froth over Russia. The dissension weakens us abroad.

One Syrian air strip later… they’re rolling over.

Trump knows what he’s doing. If he sends in troops I will stand corrected.

Ultimately, I think Trump sincerely has some nationalist leanings, really does know what he’s doing most of the time, and wants to do right by the American people….BUT I also think he’s got vulnerabilities (a need to be loved, for one), is open to manipulation by treasonous apparatchiks who will exploit Trump’s unfamiliarity with how the federal globalist government works, and might have an insufficiently skeptical eye toward (((elements))) within his inner circle. Trump’s non-ideological pragmatism and paucity of allies within the military-government-industrial complex could open him to victimization by hardened ideological antagonists who would seed Trump’s administration with ideological subversives. As commenter Kelly relates,

Former CIA agent Robert Steele:
“We do not make this shit up. We can understand naive young adults falling for false flag photographs that the neoconservatives and their mainstream media sock puppets broadcast, but we cannot understand — the one time CIA gets it right and Mike Pompeo tells the President this is a false flag — Donald Trump being swayed in this fashion (he is smarter than that). The situation is complicated by the evident treason of National Security Advisor Herbert McMaster, who appears to be lying to the President. Despite deep reservations about all this by Pompeo, Secretary of Defense Mattis, and Steve Bannon, the influence of Ivanka Trump, Jared “shiksas don’t count” Kushner, and McMaster as well as Petraeus behind the scenes — and of course all the neo-cons including Condi Rice and Bob Gates — appear to have “justified” an act of war not authorized by Congress. The situation is further complicated by the fact that the Russians and Syrians both turned off their very sophisticated anti-missile defense systems and the target was an abandoned unoccupied airbase. Roger Stone’s perspective is that this was intended to show that Trump was not “in bed” with the Russians and to shut the neocons and media up. The possibility that this was also a move of attempted genius by the president intended to lead to a Wednesday night massacre (12 April 2017) cannot be rejected. Steve Pieczenik puts the best face on it: a strong message to China and North Korea (with no actual damage to Russians or Syrians) — I find the “message” shallow and lacking in credibility. There is a great deal we do not know. What we do know is that in this instance, Steve Bannon and Mike Pompeo shone brightly with integrity; Secretary of Defense Mattis was adequate but not stellar; Herbert McMaster may be an indictable traitor; Jared Kushner appears compromised; and Ivanka Trump — whose potential we consider substantive — was in way over her head. We pray she learns from this.


Anyone know what the “Wednesday night massacre” refers to?

Finally, I’ll close with this /pol/ assessment that may be more accurate than anything you’ll read in the leftoid legacy media:

Developments to watch for over the coming months:

  • Trump sending troops into Syria
  • Russia escalating threats against US*
  • Trump quietly walking back his immigration policy promises
  • neocon jubilation continuing unabated

If all these things happen, it’s a good bet Trump has been compromised, and MAGA is DOA. Because if 4D Chess Master Trump is real, then he won’t start another war in the Middle East, won’t abandon his Wall, deportation, and immigration restriction pledges, and won’t have to hear any “strange new respect” from his inborn neocuck enemies.

*It’s possible that Russia could still escalate even if Trump clued them into the game being played, because Russia (being Russia) might exploit Trump’s non-belligerence with them to push their own objectives.


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