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Neocons and cucks are ecstatic today about Trump’s missile strike on some Syrian pavement. If the craven enemies of my nation and people like something, I tend to take the opposite view of that thing.

As I predicted would happen (on Gab @Heartiste), lying forked-tongue neoscum who got us into a trillion dollar Fake War in Iraq based on a pack of lies, and who were Never-Trump until yesterday, are now hailing him as “leader of the free world” for his stand against Assad. The fucking chutzpah on this guy Elliott Abrams. Neoscum want da goyim to believe that a fairly elected American President isn’t a true leader until he’s bent the knee to their Bernankified globalist buttsecks cabal.

I used to read TOG as a fun, conspiratorial diversion, but I’m beginning to think he’s onto something.

Anyhow, the latest gulling point from the leftoid legacy media is the assertion that Trump must take in more Syrian refugees now that he’s bombed an airstrip over there. “If you break it, you buy it.” NPR (Nümales with Pierced Rectums) shitlibs think this is a clever boxing-in of Trump. FACT CHECK: Assad and the various warring clans broke Syria, with help from the CIA and Mossad. The American people certainly didn’t break Syria, and all Trump is doing (to take the unlayered view) is going in to fix things someone else broke. So, no, WE don’t have to BUY anything. There’s no moral law that states wartime actions must inevitably result in the mass relocation of one nation’s population into another nation.

This disingenuous shitlibbery is similar to their taunt that refusing rapefugees is “a sin according to the Bible”; the purpose is to subvert the goyim’s healthy survival instinct by seeding doubt about the tenets of his cherished religious texts. Gay marriage is a sin, too, according to the Bible, shitlibs! CHECK AND MATE.

The question that goes begging is a simple one: What the hell are neoscum still doing in positions of influence in the US? One would think that a group of warmongering dual citizens that were proven mind-numbingly malevolent liars OVER AND OVER would AT THE FUCKING LEAST lose their access to the halls of power.


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