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The Embittered Sexual Market

CH Maxim #90: Bitterness surges in a sexual market that is fully liberated, producing a surplus of incel beta males and pump and dumped beta females.

Recall the CH definition of feminism: An ideology of ugly, mannish, and slutty women who want to remove all constraints on female sexuality while maximally restricting male sexuality.

The theoretical end product of such a feministed society is similar to what we see developing in the decadent West: Women sharing their late teens-late 20s prime pussies and hopeful hearts with a few top tier men, loads of beta males demoted to omega male involuntary celibacy, lots of mediocre-looking women “promoted” to the alpha male pumpndump discard pile, and in the waning years the sad resignation of late-in-life marriage between has-been sluts and never-was incels settling for a weak facsimile of passion over solitude.

The liberated sexual market is the embittered sexual market, for all but the few alpha males who have the cheat code to exploit the system to fulfill their male primary directive: casual sex and flings with enamored peak nubility women.

Everyone else suffers to a degree. Even HSMV (beautiful, chaste) women lose out. One, by competing with slutty women for the sexual attention of high value men. Two, by getting stuck with commitment offers from low value beta males, which accumulate rapidly as the Wall looms nearer.

Another consequence of the liberated sexual market: Male *and* female sociopathy is likely on the rise. A beta male mid-century opened the mate market to exploitation by sociopaths.

The answer to the Embittered Sexual Market is a return to Sexual Socialism, the driver of human civilization:



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