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Will Swedish Men Awaken?

I say Swedish men, because anyone who places their bets on women as saviors of the West is a damnfool.

Reader RikF translates a comment from a Swedish online forum, discussing the self-inflicted migrant crisis.

I picked this up from the comments section in a Swedish forum (my translation to English):

“The violent phase has been initiated. He who is aggressive tests, again and again, the possibility for dominance. If he who has the position of authority cannot, will not or is unable to understand that this happens, he becomes whiped away – that goes for us humans as well as for dogs.

When response finally comes in the purpose of recreating the former position it will be viewed as unfair since it has taken so long, which also often means that he who tries to re-establish dominance settles for doing a half-assed job.

This provokes an even stronger violent response from the challenger and puts the defendant in a moral check mate if he has surrendered political stances as his conceptual ground – which we have done in Sweden. We have, seen as a whole, forgotten that victory counts, not how it is achieved. Or put in a way of a sportsman: all scores count.

I believe (i.e. know) that Sweden will not be able to manage this within the framework of a democratic system of government or even with democratic means. The question now is who becomes master and who becomes slave.

It will not be the marxist-feminists – they are too few, too coward and lack capacity and means for violence. Useful idiots, I think we call them. ”



Weak men create hard times. Ask yourselves, has the West fielded a weaker team of men at any point in history than what we have now? This is going to end in the overrun of the West by the barbarians, or (cuing “hard times create strong men”) a reaction so shockingly violent it’ll make an abattoir of Europe’s and America’s effete hipsterscape. Buckle up, 2016 will be a happy memory for shitlibs after 2017 is through with them.


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