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A woman who has a lot of male friends is bad news, for three reasons. First, her battalion of beef buddies is a leading indicator she’s an attention whore who won’t give up her whore ways just because she’s added a “serious” boyfriend to her roster of men.

Second, there’s something off about a woman who has as many, and more, male friends as female friends. She’s not comfortable with the company of her own sex because the demands of her avaricious sexuality, sumptuously fed by her male orbiters, has the opposite effect on women. It’s a good idea not to place your trust in a woman, or a man for that matter, who won’t, or can’t, cultivate same-sex friendships with the same care and enthusiasm shown toward opposite-sex friendships.

Finally, and most importantly, odds are she has slept with at least one of her male friends, and he laughs at you. Laughs? Yes. He pounded that pussy for free when it was younger, hotter, tighter while you pay exorbitant relationship fees to keep an older product past its obsolescence date. In fact, every time you’re at a social function with your heavenly angel and her twenty male friends, they’re all inwardly smirking that they tapped that twat before you got close to putting just the tip in, and counting their blessings that they’re not the schmuck forswearing all other pussy for the opportunity to lock down a social circle slut.

There was a good reason our high T forefathers and high E foremothers discouraged young women from hanging around “with the boys”. They knew it was bad for a girl’s reputation and her romantic prospects.


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