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A White prankster (who’s doing more good for the cucked world than he can possibly know), bix noody-trapped his bike with a taser, and then left the bike unattended and unlocked in his neighborhood, recorded by a hidden camera. Hilarity and uncomfortable pattern recognition ensued.

See if you can spot the common denoginator.

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Reader quixotic adds context:

This is freaking hilarious

So reddit is freaking out because fans of Trump have turned the site from a liberal safe space into a painful (read: honest and realistic) forum.

The video was posted to a thread and people familiar with reality noticed that hey all these thieves have something in common…

That did not go over well with the censorship loving lefties who dont like that
reality doesn’t match up with their oasis of equality. Now the thread is nearly scrubbed of comments that discuss the fact that the thieves are all dindus. Every day we get closer to 1984.

Also thanks for your help fellas i picked up my first AR this weekend people were in a frenzy for a m m o and finding lowers

White “asserted virtue on the cheap” shitlibs will just have to come to terms with the lovefact that White morality doesn’t port smoothly to other races. Assuming nonWhites share the same moral and ethical impulses as Whites is a mission-critical error of judgment.

Projecting White morality onto other races was always going to end in tears. And caustic laughter.


The same prankster did something similar with an empty, unlocked car and a fake bomb in the backseat. The usual suspects turn out for their shot at YouTube fame.


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