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Men In Science

International Women’s Day came and went (what, you didn’t notice either?), and feminists of all 152 gender persuasions celebrated in style. Memes like this one littered chat rooms:

A patriarchal reader decided it would be the perfect time to remind the celebrants in similar fashion about the men in science to whom we owe most of our civilizational comforts.

That’s one pale-looking pastiche.

The unintended consequence of made-up equalist holidays is to subtly neg the non-straight white male honorees about their disproportionately tiny contributions to Western glory. The designated uplift groups had it better when their spokes-shysters weren’t pushing for transparently phony recognition of romper room achievements. At least before this tard and brony show became America’s light unto the nations, the losers could pretend they had an awesome heritage which was being ignored instead of patronized.


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