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A commenter at Cheap Chalupas Revolution, going by the handle TWIF, writes in response to another commenter wondering why the elites are so threatened by RealTalk®,

“Why are they so threatened by the idea that some factors determining an individual’s success are genetic?”

Why indeed? Presumably because the reality of genetic inheritance of talent is too deeply threatening to the status quo. More specifically (assuming Clark is right)

1. We can’t fix the schools. The kids failing in our schools will be failing for a long time to come. Education as a societal panacea is a false god that can’t solve inequality, racial disparities, social problems, etc.

2. If we are going to provide a better life to the bottom half, it is going have to be via something other education. None of the choices (income redistribution, trade restrictions, class based quotas, etc.) are pretty to the NYT readership.

3. Racial and ethnic disparities in America won’t go away anytime soon.

4. Unskilled immigration is a disaster because the immigrants and their children won’t be competitive for the foreseeable future.

5. The current elite (NYT readers) didn’t earn their position in society. They simply inherited it.

Let’s cut to the chase here. Clark is saying “you inherited your position in society and all of your ideas about fixing society won’t work”.

Why wouldn’t they be upset?

As CH has said before, the most powerful force in the universe is the human ego. So powerful, that our rulers would rather send their nation down the toilet to preserve their collective ego than admit their failure and futility. It’s status whoring all the way down. Down. Down.

There are other good comments by TWIF in that thread. I suggest you check them out.


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