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The reason there aren’t even more disproportionately committed black-on-white crimes than there already are is not because blacks don’t hold much anti-white animus; it’s because the opportunity to prey on whites is limited.

Aided by store surveillance footage, Davis and Jones–parents to four children [ed: the future’s looking brighter every day]–were arrested yesterday. Dawkins identified both suspects when shown photo lineups.

During questioning, an “apologetic” Davis reportedly confessed to robbing Dawkins, claiming that he “stole the property because he needed new tires for his car.” Jones admitted that she and Davis went to GameStop intending to “catch a cracker,” which she said was slang for robbing a white person, cops reported. Instead, they robbed Dawkins, with whom Davis said she fought until Davis was able to drive away.

Blacks can’t “catch a cracker” if there are no crackers around to catch. This is why, despite SWPL moral posturing to the contrary, most whites with half a brain don’t live in the ghetto, and avoid meandering into ghetto space when an alternate path of travel is available. For the ugly truth is that blacks would target a hell of a lot more whites for their very special lessons in impulsive violence if whites made themselves more convenient plushtoys. But because most criminals are lazy and don’t venture far from their hunting grounds, the scope of their target selection is typically no larger than a four-block radius surrounding their filthy hovels.

Whites and other non-blacks (and even some blacks) who avoid predominantly black hoods — as per Derbyshire’s advice in his seminal column The Talk — are acting in their best interest and doing the smart thing by refusing to become an easy mark for thugs who perceive, more rightly than wrongly, that whites are soft targets of their malevolence. Narrative-enslaved conservatives who phonily lament the tragedy of “black-on-black” crime should know that black-on-white crime would dwarf it were it not for the happy “accident” of geographical segregation and black indolence. Remember that the next time you’re tempted to think that blacks can’t be racist because, hey, they kill so may of their own kind. They’d take out a lot more whites if whites would just stop moving the hell away from them. Stand still, cracker!


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