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From an anonymous commenter over at Steve Sailer’s site:

The military is too male. I don’t have a joke, I’m just really in awe of that phrase. I’m thinking about the length of a journey that a culture must undertake in order for that to stop sounding crazy.

The catch-22 in the leftoid mentality is that when you hitch your ego wagon to equalism, and “progress” can only be achieved by increasing total equality in the world, then you quickly reach a reductio ad absurdum vanishing point of infinite stupidity where continued progress must necessarily be squeezed from more costly (in every sense of the word) increments of equalization. Since true equalization is impossible given biological constraints, the stupidity will just ratchet up with each Pyrrhic liberal victory, and the rationalizations for the stupidity will become more labyrinthine, until civilization is paralyzed into inaction, and then eventual implosion and full regression to a pre-stupidity state. Much avoidable suffering will accompany this trajectory.

But I guess we’re all just gonna have to learn this lesson the hard way, again. Thanks, leftoids!


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