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Short answer: A lot.

The girlfriend of a jailed alpha male helped organize a helicopter prison break for him.

Yes, folks, she was part of a team that commandeered a helicopter and landed it on the roof of a prison complex, so that the man who drives his dick into her can do it in more romantic settings than a conjugal visit cell. Twue wuv!

Lest you think this Allie Capone is some ugly ghetto skank who resembles the abused crack ho spouses on COPS, here’s her pic with her thug life lover. I’d tap that.

As beta males buy disillusioned 35-year-olds drinks and get thanks but no thanks cold shoulders in return, some inmate with a professional smirk waits for his hot fucktoy to land a fucking helicopter on the prison roof to fly him to freedom. And disingenuous hand-wringers wonder why men aren’t “manning up”.

What is the point of CH posting an endless procession of these chicks dig jerks stories? Is it to gloat? Well, yes. But it’s also to remind everyone how utterly different female sexual psychology is from male sexual psychology. Most people lose sight of that difference, or they try hard to ignore it. And with good reason; it’s unpleasant to ponder. But game as it’s understood wouldn’t work if men and women responded to the same mate value cues. If that were the case, whatever women did to maximize their appeal to men would work equally as well for men seeking to maximize their appeal to women.

It doesn’t, because men and women are radically alien to each other in some very important respects. There aren’t any men landing choppers in prison yards to free the thug babees they luv.


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