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The End Game Of Manboobery

Some days you read stuff that makes you think the entire internet is a put-on. A multi-sourced, wirelessly streamed, infectiously emanant theater of absurdity and manipulative schlock, the sole purpose of which is to entertain chuckling elites proud of their Trilateral Council Trollery. This would be the charitable interpretation. Regrettably, souls so blackened with disease that parody would hardly suffice to capture their wretchedness effloresce on the eunuch enabler echo chamber known as the world wide weirdness.

They squawk among us!

The latest specimen of Manboob Totality demonstrates the logical conclusion of the ideology of masochistic, morality whoring, self-annihilation. This is the leprotic gollum that emerges from the bowels of loserdom when the animating impulse to gratifying powerlessness is left unchecked. Behold… the male thing who believes “penis-in-vagina” sex is evil misogyny.

PIV, or penis-in-vagina sex is something that may seem inconsequential to most people, but is absolutely not.

Most people who’d reject the relevance of sex in politics haven’t really understood the concept – especially men.

So this is going to be an article, by a man, for men(and womyn) who find PIV sex to be inconsequential to feminism.

Firstly, understand the concept of female risk(I’ll talk about condoms later) – the fact that PIV is dangerous to women – the fact that it can even kill them. Pregnancy is the main problem, with all kinds of STDs being the side dishes. Now, there’s very little risk for men as compared – it can all but ruin their lives. Now, considering the risk, the patriarchy has created several tools to reduce the dispensibility of womyn – condoms, the pill, and all kinds of fucked up shit. Now take that, and consider the fact that men all over the world just lurve PIV(womyn – would you have PIV if the risks were on the men’s side, if they had to take the pill, if they had to face the consequences of rape? If you’re not as apathetic as most people, the answer should be no).

How many parents are driven to thoughts of suicide by witnessing their children flame out so badly at life?

By the way, as any womon will tell you, PIV doesn’t really feel that good. Most womyn don’t even orgasm with it. But I’m not your bloody sex-coach, go google that rubbish.


“womon” What, “womyn” wasn’t obsequious enough for it?

Let’s take an example of your average Joe – you’re a straight white guy, horny, love to have sex with womyn. Now, take the womyn in your life, and give them one property – they will NOT let you have PIV-centric sex with them. Does your value for womyn drop? By how much? Why? What’s so important about your right to shove your dick into womyn that lowers your value for them?

Why is it that risking their lives for your pleasure is so damn important? Should the fact that they are human beings who value your existence be enough? But nooo… sex is responsible for fucking god-knows how many ruined marriages, so much drama, I can’t even begin.

Tori Amos on a weepy rape-reminiscing bender would laugh at this dork.

See – that’s where privilege comes in. A man’s privilege to a womon’s genitals, and consequently, her life. Owning a womon.

It’s amusing the mental contortions incels will go through to rationalize their sexual isolation.

Men need to value womyn as HUMAN BEINGS, not as fuck-holes that tell them how great they are.

“A jock gave me an atomic wedgie, and sadly, I didn’t feel a thing down there on account of my very tiny penis and undescended testes.”

I hope that knocked some sense into someone out there.

It was certainly revealing.

PPS – Yes, I’m a “virgin.” Now piss off.

That’s surprising.

Did things like this exist in 1950s America? Yes. You’d have found them in mental institutions, unable to communicate with anyone but a padded wall. It’s time for overly harm-sensitive liberals to accept the reality that the icy wastelands serve a valuable function as a culling ground for the irredeemable refuse of humanity.


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