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The stereotype that black-white mixed-race couples are typically black men hooking up with trashy, fat white women has a factual basis.

When comparing data on non-Hispanic white mothers of white children vs. non-Hispanic white mothers of mulatto children, the NLS survey data creates a distinct profile of white mothers of mulatto children. The profile strongly supports the common stereotypes about these women that are held in both the white and black communities.

White females with mulatto children are significantly less educated. They perform significantly worse on the ASVAB test. They average a higher body mass index [BMI]. In personality test scores they are, on average, more difficult, more quarrelsome, more stubborn, and less dependable. They are significantly more likely to say that they “lie and cheat often.”

When rated by interviewers, white females who report having black sexual partners are rated as less attractive, not as well groomed, and having less desirable personality traits. They are dramatically more likely to test positive for chlamydia or trichomoniasis. They perform worse on vocabulary tests.

The data was compiled by the website Race/History/Evolution

It’s fair to say the whole media industrial complex portrays the exact opposite of reality.

Stereotypes don’t materialize out of thin air. There’s a reason they exist. People notice patterns and formulate generalizations around those observed patterns.

In homogeneous societies, the most undesirable females are left without partners and go to their long dark death having failed to fulfill their genetic prime directive. End result: Humanity in such societies benefits as a whole from the eugenic cleansing. In late stage multicultural anti-societies, the slag of womanhood does an end-run around sexual selection and procreates outside their race. The question is put to the studio audience: Is this a net positive or net negative for those rainbow societies?


Some readers ask what is the point of posting this information? What good does it do?

Other than the obvious — rebuking the lies that the Cathedral/Synagogue/religious metaphor for the anti-white establishment of your choice churns out at an industrialized clip — I think the best reason is a psychological one:


I can imagine a preening, bigoted SWPL reading this and quivering in anticipation of launching a SCIENCE-backed diatribe against those wrong kinds of white people, those slovenly rednecks the SWPL loves to hate, when suddenly it dawns on him.

“Wait… oh crap, can’t go there.”


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