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Reviving Girls

Forget about “opening sets”. Thinking in those terms produces a now or never mentality that is toxic to the proper cultivation of inner game, aka sustained overconfidence. A little bit of pressure is necessary to motivate oneself out of a comfort zone or lazy habit, but too much pressure will fray the smooth, self-assured delivery that is the lifeblood which oxygenates any seduction.

Plus, “opening” implies a continual search for opportunity. When opportunity presents, you pounce. When there is no opportunity, you remain unengaged. Categorizing girls into tiers of opportunity encourages the empowerment of multiple, and usually contradictory, modes of thought and behavior in oneself, which will spill over and pollute your tight game when you need it most. For instance, if you are a cold, unresponsive statue or a dull chit chatter when in the company of taken girls or less attractive girls, then the radical attitudinal shift you will have to muster when you “turn it on” in the company of girls who are available and attractive will seem of outsized difficulty, and you will have burned out before you’ve said one word.

The one mode of thinking will infect the other mode of thinking. To build a better man, you must jettison the ballast of the lesser man.

You must begin substituting the idea of opening sets, or opening in general, with the idea of “reviving” girls. You are reviving them from their slumber of sleepwalking through a world filled with bland beta males. You are reminding them what it is like to interact with a man who knows how to speak to them in the way they primally crave to be spoken to: flirtatiously, cavalierly, confidently, sexily.

In this reality, every girl you meet has come pre-opened and pre-approved, no matter her actual status as a potential lover. You flirt with all of them, because the world’s girls are yours to enjoy, and opportunity for sexual closure is relegated to a more manageable role as a happy coincidence to the goal of improved communication with the opposite sex.

This means you game — i.e., flirt and tease and generally parry in a fashion you wouldn’t with your male buddies — low opportunity girls as genuinely as you would high opportunity girls. Does she have a boyfriend? Is there a ring on her finger? Is she a bit too old for your taste? Is there a kid in tow? Is she a lawyer? Is she not your type? Doesn’t matter. You flirt with those women like you would with single women you really desire. This process builds a base of intuitive and instinctual game that cements in your brain until you don’t need to invoke a separate personality every time you square off with a legitimately high opportunity girl. It also helps to relieve the pressure when a real prospect does come along, because the alpha attitude — aka JERKBOY CHARISMA — will be second-nature to you.

As with all general rules, there are exceptions. Don’t go overboard flirting with every fug you meet. There are two problems with being so indiscriminate with your flirtatious charms. One, some of the fugs will become a little too eager to spin your light flirting into a green light to jump your bones. The less perspicacious of the fugs will have to be put down with swift and deadly force, like you would a charging rhino, and that could leave you with a bad feeling if you’re a nice guy at heart.

Two, an undue reliance on fugs to sharpen your seductive mien is more liable to dull your edge and get you stuck in a fug rut. Nobody likes getting stuck in fugruts, least of all pick-up newbies who are the kinds of men who would get stuck there and stay there, spiraling downward into an abyss of self-loathing and doubts about ever winning the love of better women. You’re a flirting cad machine, but you’re not the sloppy town man ho. Rein it in a bit when the girl is so ugly you can’t stop the smelling-poop look of disgust from materializing on your face.

Revive girls. Coax their inner sex demoness out into the world. Flirt with those taken 5s like you would those single 8s. You may be surprised to find that the ease and self-control with which you dazzle the 5s is unfailingly there to serve you when the time comes to blow the doors off the hottie 8s.


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