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Read this study abstract closely. It’s important in a SCIENCE ♥s GAME kind of way.

Confidence is an essential ingredient of success in a wide range of domains ranging from job performance and mental health to sports, business and combat. Some authors have suggested that not just confidence but overconfidence—believing you are better than you are in reality—is advantageous because it serves to increase ambition, morale, resolve, persistence or the credibility of bluffing, generating a self-fulfilling prophecy in which exaggerated confidence actually increases the probability of success. However, overconfidence also leads to faulty assessments, unrealistic expectations and hazardous decisions, so it remains a puzzle how such a false belief could evolve or remain stable in a population of competing strategies that include accurate, unbiased beliefs. Here we present an evolutionary model showing that, counterintuitively, overconfidence maximizes individual fitness and populations tend to become overconfident, as long as benefits from contested resources are sufficiently large compared with the cost of competition. In contrast, unbiased strategies are only stable under limited conditions. The fact that overconfident populations are evolutionarily stable in a wide range of environments may help to explain why overconfidence remains prevalent today, even if it contributes to hubris, market bubbles, financial collapses, policy failures, disasters and costly wars.

And, might I add, pump and dumps!

What does the above study conclusion remind you of? Anything coming to mind? Oh, yes

XI.  Be irrationally self-confident

No matter what your station in life, stride through the world without apology or excuse. It does not matter if objectively you are not the best man a woman can get; what matters is that you think and act like you are. Women have a dog’s instinct for uncovering weakness in men; don’t make it easy for them. Self-confidence, warranted or not, triggers submissive emotional responses in women. Irrational self-confidence will get you more pussy than rational defeatism.

Poon Commandment Eleven. The good hosts at Chateau Heartiste were ahead of the curve yet again. Is there no game concept science won’t eventually come around to confirming? Excuse me while I give myself over to deep, utter, profound self-love. Mhhmm… *smack* *kiss*… mmhhhmmmhmmm… oh yeah big guy….

Confidence… no, OVERconfidence, the belief that you are better than you actually are… is the heart and soul of game. This is where the rubber meets the hoes. Without a glowing inner satisfaction born of overconfidence, all the game tactics in the world will fall flat. Riddled with self-doubt and trepidation is no way to execute a flawless neg or disqualification. Perhaps this explains why so many unconfident betas struggle during the learning curve phase of game, and turn their backs on it entirely when instant success isn’t forthcoming — their game is betrayed by their second class mentality.

Overconfidence is the fulcrum upon which rests every other facet of game. Overconfidence is the origin source of outcome independence. Overconfidence is Skittles Man. Overconfidence is the skeleton key that opens women’s… hearts.

Overconfidence IS alpha. If I had to describe in one word the attitude which most starkly delineates betas from alphas, it would be overconfidence. The alpha, no matter his actual status as measured by the Committee to Uphold Social Norms and Acceptable Hierarchies, confronts the world with faith in his superiority and social elevation. The beta second guesses himself at every turn. And women can SMELL this difference in attitude. They are drawn to it despite themselves, thanks to eons of evolutionary pressures molding their hindbrains.

Now you may argue, in my opinion rightly, that unjustified self-regard by large numbers of people is bad for civilization. That the reflexive doubt, the unbiased proclivity to self-assessment and the humbleness of the beta are the bulk ingredients which give structure to prosperous societies. But this is not the issue before us. The issue we discuss is women, loving women, and inspiring love from women. And by that standard, unjustified male self-regard, so long as the rewards are worth the cost (and in modern society, where women shower the alphas with their pussies during their prime teens and 20s, the rewards are substantial), is the winning mating strategy. You can easily confirm this for yourself by stepping out of the house and observing women in action with your eyes wide open. And now you can read about the reality you see with your eyes in the pages of esteemed scientific journals.

(Interestingly, the study shows that in societies in which the rewards accruing to overconfident people are not greater than the costs, the unbiased, self-doubting beta strategy prevails reproductively — where reproductive fitness thwarted at the goal line is a proxy for attractiveness in a world awash in widely available contraceptives. You could therefore hypothesize that structuring society so that women are not free to ride the cock carousel during their primes would propagate social levers that encourage humility in its men. Conversely, overconfident arrogance among men becomes like a plague in societies where shaming mechanisms to rein in female sexual predilection are dismantled. Again, it all comes back to the female sex drive being the wilder of the two sexes, and thus the more necessary to corral to the benefit of society’s well-being.)

(Naturally, as more overconfident men are sexually selected by women, the daughters of these couplings wind up with the overconfidence genes, which may account for the ridiculous sight of fat chicks and cougars in America with 463-bullet point checklists.)

So what does this mean for you, the reader? There’s good news. Confidence can be learned. It can be internalized, regardless of externally objective measures. And where there’s confidence, overconfidence lurks not far behind. But that is an unnecessary distinction; learned confidence IS THE SAME THING AS overconfidence. By definition, if you are deliberately and pointedly taking on the attitude and mannerisms of a confident man, you are often doing so without external justification, and your confidence could fairly be described as overconfidence. The exception would be if you are an objectively high status beta who lacks the self-awareness or the demeanor to translate his socially-approved status into confident swagger.

In the end, it doesn’t matter, for it is primarily the overconfident attitude that women find attractive, not the baubles which festoon or the credentials which socially legitimize the attitude.

The archives of the Chateau are filled with techniques for raising your confidence levels. Peruse freely. It’s all there, from body language adjustments to dress to posture to voice tone to expressions to adopting an attractive alpha male thinking mode. Even saying positive, ego-stroking thoughts out loud can subconsciously strengthen your confident resolve. Ya know, some might call these tactics… game.

On the subject of nomenclature, overconfidence goes by another name… inner game.

Ultimately, it’s success with women that will bring you to the pinnacle of overconfidence, flush with pussy-parting attitude. The confidence born of repeated beddings of cute chicks is the kind that goes to the bone, and suffuses every sinew. That’s why you’ll notice that the men with the most naturally unshakeable confidence around women are the ones who have been getting their way with women since they can remember, and their jobs or social circles or finances have little to no bearing on the concreteness of their confidence. Their overconfidence becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy, building upon itself with each successive seduction.

This insight doesn’t help the noobs, but only if we measure success by the noobs’ standards. “Get me sex now” is the wrong standard, and unfortunately is the standard most heavily marketed to by shysters. Instead, as a newcomer to the game of seduction, you should be rejoicing in every positive interaction you have with women, no matter how trivial. Every hi fuels your confidence until you are prying smiles from girls. Every smile emboldens you until they are touching you. Every touch emboldens you until they are giving you their numbers. Every number emboldens you until they are kissing you. Every kiss emboldens you until you are banging them. Every bang emboldens you until you feel free to love them.

Finally, you are so emboldened that you no longer come to women for reinforcement. They come to you.


Here’s a related study (via Randall Parker):

The study revealed two key discoveries to why powerful people cheat. First, there is a strong association between power and confidence and that the amount of confidence a person has is the strongest link between power and unfaithfulness. Second, the researchers found that among powerful people gender made no difference in past digressions or the participants’ desires to cheat.

This is a tantalizing clue that, contra Henry Kissinger’s famous aphorism, it is not the power per se that women are sexually drawn to, but the confident demeanor that powerful men exhibit. As explained in the “Defining the Alpha Male” post, the best judge of a man’s alphaness is the quality, number and attraction intensity of the women who would sleep with him were he so inclined to take up the offers. Tautological, maybe. But tautologies are often the inevitable distillations of great truths. There are some objectively powerful men, who for one reason or another, do not exude the unstoppable confidence that is the usual offshoot of their stations. A strict definition of alphaness relying on power alone is therefore incomplete. It must be accompanied by a confident attitude. And where real power is missing, overconfidence can step in to fill the (vaginal) void.

Randall notes:

The researcher is (or at least pretends to be) a foolish blank slater who thinks gender differences are going to disappear. But he (she?) still makes the useful observation that power begets confidence which  begets the bedding of others. Okay, so if one can find other ways to feel confident more beddings will take place…

I’m not surprised that the small pool of powerful women studied by the researchers cheat almost as much as the powerful men. Women who have the gumption and killer instinct to reach the top of corporate hierarchies are masculinized by nature, so they are more like men than their own sex, in both libido and aggressive personality. Check out female VPs sometimes. Narrow hips, tallness, thin lips and wee (unaugmented) tits as far as the eye can see.

I therefore wouldn’t assume much about the cheating likelihood of women in general from a study into the unfaithfulness of very powerful women. For instance, I would suspect that the men in the study cheated with younger, hotter babes, while the women cheated with similarly situated beta schlubs as their husbands. Keep in mind, it is much harder for a man to cheat than a woman, since any sufficiently desperate loser will dump a fuck in a rapidly spoiling woman who makes herself easily available.

To those women who ask, “Well then, does this mean ugly and old women can attract high value men by acting overconfident?”

No. Overconfident fugs are still fugs. Overconfident cougars are still cougars. There is no equality of the sexes in this respect.


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